Churchill County Sheriff’s Office says  body of Fallon man found in the desert

A Fallon man reported missing since December was found Thursday near an abandoned vehicle that became stuck in the soft mud, reports the Churchill County Sheriff’s Office.
Sheriff Ben Trotter said 4-wheelers discovered a vehicle belonging to Joey Pahl, 33, about 20 miles north of Fallon and 2 miles east of U.S. Highway 95.
“Joey's shoe impressions leaving the vehicle were still visible in the muddy sand walking due east from the vehicle toward the Stillwaters,” Trotter said. “He walked about 500 yards.”
Trotter said Pahl’s trail indicated he may have been disoriented.
According to Trotter, Pahl was deceased for an extended period time before the body’s discovery.  Trotter said an autopsy is pending.
The last time anyone heard from Pahl was Dec. 10, and he was reported missing six days later. Trotter said the CCSO sent out ATLs and critical reach flyers.
“There was no information about where to start looking for Joey for some time,” Trotter said. “CCSO Investigators checked pawn sites, hospitals.  Eventually, a phone ping on Joey's phone came back.”
Trotter said the pin occurred on Dec. 10 off the Rattlesnake Hill cellphone repeater. He also said  Charlie Gomes flew on two different occasions, once west toward Hazen and Soda Lake and the other northeast of Fallon in the Indian Lakes area.  Trotter said neither flight located Pahl or his vehicle.


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