Letters to the editor for Tuesday, Feb. 6, 2018

Scrap blind faith; think for yourself in voting booth

On the morning of Jan. 13, I read a letter to the editor and scratched what was left of my hair. It is difficult for me to address who to refer to, either George Gerlach or Fred LaSor, as they both strike a common thread, albeit misleading. Both of these authors seem to take giddy pleasure in lumping all Democrats as liberal leaning and “hiding behind facts.”

First, not all Democrats are liberal minded, just as Republicans are not all conservative in thought. There are many shades of political thought. However, these two editorial contributors like to use a descriptive broad brush.

Let’s take Mr. Gerlach’s comment: “Dems/libs continually hide behind the First Amendment when they spew their filth about the president ...” As a proud Democrat and moderate, I do not hide behind anything including the First Amendment. I seek the truth as supported by fact as opposed to “alternative facts,” which are in truth, falsehoods.

Facts, as recently displayed by the president, speak volumes as to who “spews” filth and disrespect, not only for our flag, while attempting to sing the Star-Spangled Banner, forgetting the words and mumbling incoherently, and to other countries and their inhabitants by calling them “s***holes.”

As a nation we have a lot to be proud of, but also a lot to reflect upon as to how we treat others who may be different from us.

Again, I ask you, the reader, to think and vote in the next election, state and federal, with your minds and not blind faith.

Joel Flamenbaum

Carson City


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