Nevada’s traffic fatalities decline in 2017

For the first time in nearly a decade, Nevada has seen a reduction in overall traffic fatalities.

The Nevada Department of Public Safety Office of Traffic Safety announced Wednesday that for the first time since 2011, traffic fatalities have dropped from 329 in 2016 to 305 in 2017.

Officials credit the reduction to the combined efforts of engineering, education and enforcement from Nevada law enforcement agencies. The Office of Traffic Safety partners with more than 26 agencies annually to help eliminate fatalities, including Nevada Highway Patrol, Douglas County Sheriff’s Office and Carson City Sheriff’s Office.

“Every partner and agency understands that this is a small victory toward the ultimate goal of achieving Zero Fatalities,” said Nevada Office of Traffic Safety Administrator Amy Davey. “As progress continues, we must remember that the 305 fatalities from last year represent lives lost and families that were forever broken.”

The agency said 2018 brings a renewed focus on pedestrian fatalities; statewide, pedestrian fatalities represent nearly a third of overall traffic fatalities.

Officials said 100 pedestrians were killed on Nevada roadways in 2017, a 25 percent increase from 2016. The Office of Traffic Safety is partnering with organizations such as the Nevada Highway Patrol, Reno Police Department, Las Vegas Metro Police Department and more to address this growing problem.

Nevadans can expect to see an increase in education and enforcement activities regarding pedestrian safety and all traffic safety issues.

Officials say the singular focus of all education and enforcement activities is to save lives on Nevada roadways.


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