Letters to the editor for Friday, Feb. 16, 2018

Douglas County Republicans aren’t listening

It is beyond belief that the Douglas County Republicans would ask a convicted criminal to give a keynote speech for its upcoming Lincoln/Reagan dinner. This convicted criminal, a “law and order” sheriff, was anything but a law-abiding sheriff. During his tenure as the Maricopa County sheriff in Arizona, he selectively enforced those laws he liked while ignoring those laws he did not like.

The sheriff used his considerable resources to destroy the lives and businesses of his opponents with false accusations. Yet he did not have enough funds or manpower to investigate abuse, sexual assault, and rape of children. Of 51 cases reported from the community of El Mirage, 43 were never investigated.

By November 2016, Maricopa County, a very conservative Arizona county, had enough of Sheriff Arpaio and threw him out of office. The people spoke. The Douglas County Republicans are not listening.

Dr. Margaret McKee

Lake Tahoe


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