Letters to the editor for Saturday, Feb. 17, 2018

Trump wants to hold parade of all parades

The man who recently boasted, “I’m real smart” and “a very stable genius” has ordained there shall be a parade (humongous) down Pennsylvania Avenue later this year.

Not your usual parade of marching bands, floats, jugglers and clowns, but one consisting of the world’s most lethal and sophisticated killing machines (think “Little Rocket Man”) with the only clown participating most likely being the grand marshal himself. Imagine tanks, rocket launchers, an abundance of AK-47s and multi-million-dollar jets overhead polluting the air with red, white and blue fumes!

This (fantastically incredible) event will be scheduled for a national holiday as yet unnamed but rumored to be Veterans Day, 2018, which begs the question, will it be possible for his choreographers to perfect a creditable “Trumpian” version of the goose-step (unbelievably beautiful, of course) and teach it to the rank and file within that time frame?

John O’Neill



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