Past Pages for Thursday, Feb. 20, 2018

150 Years Ago

Narrow Escape from Fire: A frame house situated near the Warm Springs Hotel, and occupied by Mrs. Cossett, came near being destroyed by fire night before last — a badly mounted stove-pipe being the cause. The danger was seen by some of the State Prison guards, and they went and doused the glim.

130 Years Ago

The three electric light towers for the city will be placed as follows: One at the corner of Carson and Fifth streets, near Torreyson’s blacksmith shop, one at the corner of Carson and Spear streets, near Cohn’s store, and one at the corner of Carson and Sophia streets, near the gas works. The Capitol light will be placed halfway between the Capitol building and the Main Street.

100 Years Ago

O.A. Pennock, of Elko, representative of the McDonald Chocolate company of Salt Lake, came to Carson this morning with a grip full of papers with which to appear before the “Income Tax Man,” but upon arrival at Carson found he was minus grip, papers and all, and in its stead a grip of some foreigner, a laborer evidently, containing a pair of overalls, jumper and two wooden shoes. He will look them up at Huffaker by auto before they pay his income tax.

70 Years Ago

A series of derailments of Virginia and Truckee equipment has caused considerable trouble within the past several days, Gordon A. Sampson, vice president and general manager of the historic Nevada line, revealed today. The “Five Spot” recently acquired engine from the defunct Copper Belt line went off the track Saturday east of the station and it was not until late Sunday that it was boosted back on the line.

50 Years Ago

A citizen’s committee will attempt to present enough evidence during a public hearing Tuesday to persuade the Public Service Commission to bring about an investigation of rates and business practices of the Southwest Gas Corporation, according to Assemblyman John Homer, R-Carson City.

30 Years Ago

Bullfrog County clung precariously to life Wednesday as legislators scrambled for new and constitutional ways to squeeze money from the federal government. The law creating Bullfrog County was found unconstitutional last week and the legislative commission will not decide before March 8 to appeal to the state Supreme Court.

Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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