Letters to the editor for Wednesday, Feb. 21, 2018

In defense of old white men

Margaret Konieczny’s letter of Feb. 10 speaks of a need for compassion and empathy but then talks about the “past world of old, white men” and states, “Happily, old, white men are dying out.”

Old white men have come from a society where the priorities were basically God, country, family, others, self and in that order. It was a society where integrity, being honest and having strong morals was more important than color, creed, or gender.

It was a society where most elected officials believed our country came before their political party.

It was a society where people fought to stay off the dole, there were no entitlements. Hard labor was not below one’s dignity when it came to caring for your family. If there was a want or need there was a willingness to work for it.

It was a society where children were taught to have respect for others, where teachers were more interested in teaching their students rather than winning a popularity award.

It was a society where someone might disagree with what you say but defend your right to say it.

It was a society where many young men stood in long lines to volunteer to give their lives for their country, its beliefs and the welfare of the world. Many did not become old white men.

Lastly, these are the “old white men” that worked to give us the world, even with all its faults, that we enjoy today.

Margaret, how about a little compassion and empathy for old white men?

Some of us still believe a man should hold a door open for a woman.

From, an old, old white man,

Sanford E. Deyo



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