Paul Inchauspe

December 11, 1925 - February 9, 2018

On February 9th, 2018 Nevada’s ranching community lost one of its oldest and most resilient members. Paul Inchauspe passed away in his home at Silver Creek Ranch at the age of 92.

His story was one of ambition, perseverance, and the American dream. The second of seven children born to Jean and Marie Paris in Lasse in the Basque country of southern France, he was preceded in death by his parents, all of his siblings and their spouses, and was truly the last link of his generation in our family.

His youth was spent working on neighboring farms to support his family but in 1948 his uncle Beltran Paris sponsored his trip to the United States and brought him out to work on his ranch in Butte Valley, Nevada. Paul herded sheep and then served ashis uncle’s camp tender for ten years.

He then returned to the Basque country in hopes of finding a wife and a farm. He met and married Grace Etchandy in February 1958 and not finding the farming opportunity they were looking for in France, they returned to America and Butte Valley just in time for lambing.

That same year Paul and Grace purchased Silver Creek Ranch north of Austin with the help of his Uncle Beltran and his sons and over the years expanded their family and the ranching operation.

Three daughters - Pauline, Jackie, and Eveline - were raised on the ranch as well as granddaughter Katrina and grandsons Paul and Vinnie.

Paul’s greatest joy came from working on the ranch. He loved to irrigate, drive out on the range checking cows and pumping them water, and putting up hay in the summer. On rare occasions, he and Grace would make trips to town for Basque festivals but for the most part he stayed behind at the ranch doing whatever work needed to be done. He always enjoyed visitors from the old country and sponsored other young men from there to work as sheepherders and make their start just as he had done. He passed on to his children and grandchildren the ambition and work ethic that helped him to establish the successful ranching operation that stands today.

In 2005, Paul lost his partner in the life when Grace passed away.

He is survived by his daughters - Pauline, Jackie (Steve), and Eveline, grandchildren - Katrina (Jared), Sophie, Jennifer, Paul, Vinnie, and Ethan, and great grandchildren Grace, Reese, Avery, and Amalee.

Arrangements are being handled by Burns Funeral Home in Elko. Funeral services will be held at the Austin High School gym on February 24th at 11 AM.


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