Letters to the editor for Saturday, Feb. 24, 2018

No excuse for not picking up after your dog

Thank you to the kind person who found my hearing aid in Walgreens on Feb. 14 and turned it into the manager’s office. It was a great relief to find it.

To add my comment to Hope A. Tingle’s letter of Feb. 18, “Pick up After Your Pooch,” my mode of transportation is a wheelchair and I have been stopped by “dog doo” in the middle of sidewalks. It is very hard to straddle the obstacle without some of the droppings getting on the bottom of my chair.

I also walk my dog, who thinks a walk is another word for “BM.” From my wheelchair I can pick up her droppings with a plastic mitt and dispose of it in many public trash barrels placed around the city.

There is no excuse for not doing your “dooty.”

Dolores M. Jackson

Carson City


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