Carson City’s Stanley Pochop celebrating 99th birthday

Stanley “Pop” Pochop Sr. will celebrate his 99th birthday with family and friends on Wednesday.

Pochop moved to Carson City in 1947 and has called the capital home for the past 71 years. He said he loves Carson City and the wonderful people who also call it home.

A native of Gregory, S.D., Pochop was introduced to Carson City in 1942 when he was stationed here to complete his secondary flight instructor course as a member of the Army Air Corps, for which he served as a flight instructor from 1942 until 1945. Proud to have served his country by training new cadets, Pochop said his favorite area of instruction was aerobatics in the Ryan PT-22.

Pochop built his family’s home on the west side of town in 1948. At that time, the home bordered open space of the now-defunct Crain Ranch.

“Pop takes great pride in all he does and he provided us with a beautiful home along with his loving and devoted heart,” daughter Marilyn “Pettie” Pochop said. “Pop has always been a loyal and hardworking man. He reminds us regularly that his family is his most treasured possession. There is no better legacy to leave one’s children with than unconditional love.”

Pochop retired in 1977 from a 30-year career at the highway department. He was a senior supervisor/roadway design engineer at the time of his retirement.

Although he’s retired, Pochop keeps a keen mind and loves chatting about any topic.

“He has a great sense of humor that often catches us off guard, making his wit all the more endearing,” Marilyn said. “Pop had a passion for playing golf in his mobile years and he continues to enjoy the sport vicariously through the Golf Channel. He doesn’t miss a single tournament.”

On behalf of his family, Marilyn wishes him a happy 99th birthday.

“You are the best and we love you to infinity and beyond,” she said.


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