Letters to the editor for Sunday, Jan. 21, 2018

Responsible trash disposal critical for planet’s wellbeing

Have you ever been out enjoying the countryside and come across a pile of trash? Maybe a couch, an old refrigerator, a mattress, a water heater sometimes shot full of holes, or just a pile of it? I have. It’s a sad discovery.

It angers me that the perpetrators of this illegal dumping are so cheap they can’t properly dispose of their trash. Shame on them! It’s unconscionable that irresponsible people won’t pay the few dollars to dispose of the trash properly.

We generate a phenomenal amount of trash in this country. Compared to most of the world, having the means to acquire a large household item, exhausting its usefulness and then driving it out to the countryside to dump illegally is pathetic! We must be responsible for our trash!

This also applies to the trash we dump into the atmosphere! We should be responsible for this. As it is, we dump that trash for free! Well, it’s not free! It’s costing us all in ways we haven’t discovered yet and also in ways we have.

How was that air in Reno the first week of the year? A little on the “trashy” side? Well, why worry about it, it blew away. Well, it’s still out there. Guess where California’s trash goes!

The majority of science indicates the weather and environmental extremes we are experiencing are attributable to this dumping of our trash (CO2 and other gases) into the atmosphere. We are paying for it, one way or another!

But what if we didn’t have to? What if we didn’t dump so much into the atmosphere? There is a way! If we pay for the trash up front, maybe we won’t be so inclined to throw it out or even generate it in the first place! How? Visit the Citizen’s Climate Lobby website — https://citizensclimatelobby.org/.

Maybe then we can all breathe more easily.

Rob Bastien

Carson City

Reefer madness no longer funny

Ladies and gentlemen, the Nevada Appeal proudly presents the funniest comedy team since Abbott and Costello. Guy Farmer and Jim Hartman bring their unique brand of humor to audiences everywhere with the 2018 “Reefer Madness Revisited” tour.

You’ll hear Jim’s classic “dangers of marijuana” routine, which is particularly rib-tickling at a time when record numbers of Americans are dying from prescription opioid overdoses. Your sides will split when Guy describes Jim as knowing “more about marijuana policy than the people running Nevada’s recreational pot program.” And you’ll be wiping tears from your eyes as Guy relates his experiences working on anti-drug programs in seven, yes, SEVEN countries, efforts which never made a dent in the desire for or availability of marijuana or other drugs in the U.S. or anywhere else.

And the yuks don’t stop there. Jim and Guy will be joined by their little friend, Dixie the Demented Garden Gnome. You’ll roar with laughter as Dixie reminds you that “good people don’t smoke marijuana,” while he wastes billions of taxpayer dollars enforcing antiquated laws which an ever-growing majority of Americans no longer want enforced. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll kiss your liberty goodbye!

All kidding aside, please call your elected representatives today and tell them to end marijuana prohibition once and for all. Maybe then Jim and Guy will finally retire their painfully unfunny act.

Thank you.

Chris Bellecy

Carson City

President Trump leaving disappointing legacy

I did not vote for President Trump, but certainly wished him well for the sake of our country. Whether our president is a Republican or Democrat, I believe we deserve someone who tells the truth, is not a racist, does not demean people, cares about all Americans, not only the wealthy and the corporations, supports our government institutions, is competent, uses good judgment, and is cognizant of the fact that his statements have repercussions.

In my opinion, none of the above define Donald Trump.

I realize there are citizens who honestly feel that President Trump is an effective leader, or in some cases, stand by him to further their own agenda. What I do not understand is why so many continue to support and respect him while he diminishes our country in the eyes of the world and destroys important ideals for which we have always stood. Are they unconcerned that the administration has proven to be dysfunctional, divisive and inept? Do they not care that their president is an unknowledgeable, insensitive, egotist, who is clearly not up to the demands of his position?

America is too great a country to be negatively impacted by this president.

Martin J. Fischer

Carson City

Waiting for feminists, media to rebuke Islam’s treatment of women

In a few days, we’ll see the one-year anniversary of Donald Trump’s inauguration. The day following that auspicious event, there was a feminist confab in Washington, D.C., in which thousands of woman came to listen to speeches by noted feminists such as Madonna, Ashley Judd and Her Majesty and Most Serene Highness the Gloria-of-Steinem.

Since then Harvey Weinstein, Dustin Hoffman and myriad other male reprobates have hit the fan.

Rhetorical question No. 1: When will the above named pony up the guts to challenge organized Islam about its treatment of women?

Rhetorical question No. 2: When will nationally available newspapers, broadcast TV networks, and cable news outlets do the same?

I’m not holding my breath.

John Frink

Carson City

Senior citizens entitled to more

This is just beyond standard price hikes. We have been with Charter cable since early 1990s. Recently I got my January billing and it’s up from $92.82 to $117.01. That’s a $24.19 monthly increase. And this is only for extended basic service, nothing special. The letter says our promotional pricing has ended. What promotional pricing? I’ve been with this cable company almost 27 years. Never had a promotional price, so that’s a lie.

Everything is going up except the money input. Gas is more, food costs more, electric bill up, way up, water and sewer bill has more than tripled over the years. My Social Security check went up zero because Medicare costs went up. My wife’s Social Security check went up $1 because Medicare ate up the rest, just like mine. The senior citizens just get shafted because their increase is nothing, but that doesn’t stop the inflation and ridiculous rate hikes.

I’m just sick over all this. I guess we can start eating dog food and live like the homeless. Wait a minute, the homeless get free food EBT cards, free medical, and free Section 8 housing. What’s wrong with that scenario?

Ronald Feldstein

Carson City


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