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Carson City looking north from the top of the Capitol building in 1871.

Carson City looking north from the top of the Capitol building in 1871.

150 Years Ago

Chinese New Year: Explosion of firecrackers, extravagant burning of powder and devouring of hog meat and chicken fixings will characterize the occasion. Chinese men congregated in Sam Wau’s washhouse and indulged in a lively bow-out which included ultra explosive whisky, extra whiffs of opium and private theatricals. The string fiddles, gourd drums and gutturals will “make Rome howl.” With celestial harmonies of this sort –- a little goes a long way.

140 Years Ago

All sorts: A tramp attempted to set fire to the C.P.R.R. Freight house in Reno. He was captured and calaboosed.

Hank Monk and Jake the teamster report that Brother Bailey’s team overturned on Clear Creek grade. The wagon was smashed, but Bailey and the girl were uninjured.

120 Years Ago

The beauty contest: The Appeal received communication from Will Day offering a $10 dress pattern as prize to the winner. The vote now stands: Martha Murphy 112, May Croson 7, Nettie Martin 3, Eva Doyle 2, Lillie Swift 2.

100 Years Ago

Scarlet fever: In the towns of Deeth and Lamoille all the schools, lodges and Red Cross meetings will be postponed for at least two weeks because of scarlet fever. It is hoped to prevent the further spreading of the disease.

70 Years Ago

Leisure Hour Magic Show: Men entertained the female members. The show opened with Chester Cochran acting as toastmaster. Singing waiters opened the program, directed by Norman Noteware. The main feature were members of Reno Magic Circle No. 28 who uncorked their mystifying bag of tricks. Three magicians had the audience under control with magic tricks and deft sleight of hand acts ...

20 Years Ago

Possible impeachment: President Clinton was indicated in a plot to persuade a former White House aide to lie in a court proceeding. Joseph DiGenova, former special prosecutor, said, “The bottom line is simple. If there is enough evidence to indict a president, then there is enough to begin impeachment proceedings.”

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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