Joe Carmona: Don’t find yourself asking ‘are we there yet?’

Who can relate to the question, “Are we there yet?”

You ever wonder why young ones and sometimes old ones ask that question?

Is it because we’re impatient with the situation we find ourselves in? Could it be because we aren’t doing anything but just sitting around the house?

As we start the new year, we need to reflect on where we are with our wellbeing — our physical and mental condition. I have Parkinson’s disease and others find themselves with other medical conditions. Whatever your condition, you need to reflect on the following:

My present physical and mental condition

What have I done to understand my condition

Am I being proactive or reactive with my present condition.

We can’t afford to be reactive and ask the question, “Are we there yet?” You do have a choice — be proactive. How, you say? Stay active with the following:

Mentally — Do word games/puzzles, play games with others, listen to music and reflect on the lyrics. Also, read.

Physically — Go to a gym, ride a bike, walk or do yard work. Any type of physical exercise, like “Rock Steady” boxing, has improved my balance and motor skills.

Is there a specific exercise we should be doing? There have been studies on that question of what activities are best for us. They tested people doing boxing, dancing, cycling and running, but the study wasn’t conclusive. Why? Because they couldn’t measure brain functions while people were doing different activities. So, the study turned to visualization. Yes, a person would close his or her eyes in an MRI station and visualize boxing, dancing, running and other activities. The facilitators could see different brain engagements with different activities.

There are many studies and theories to help our wellbeing or conditions. We’re seeing more pharmaceutical companies, universities and privately funded projects trying to solve medical problems around our country.

The other day I saw a flock of birds flying in a pattern to overcome the difficulties they were facing (the wind). Why not learn a lesson from those birds? Together, yes, together as a group we can overcome and face the medical problems we have. In my case, I struggle with the problems associated with Parkinson’s. I have joined a Parkinson’s support group and Rock Steady Boxing Club. I feel comfortable with those groups because we all have the same medical problems.

In my opinion, if we stay engaged in reading and learning about our medical condition, get involved in social activities and an exercise program, we wouldn’t have the time to ask the question, “Are we there yet?”

Joe Carmona is a Carson City resident battling Parkinson’s disease.


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