Letters to the editor for Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2018

Senior citizens entitled to more

This is just beyond standard price hikes. We have been with Charter cable since the early 1990s. Recently I got my January billing and it’s up from $92.82 to $117.01. That’s a $24.19 monthly increase. And this is only for extended basic service, nothing special. The letter says our promotional pricing has ended. What promotional pricing? I’ve been with this cable company almost 27 years. Never had a promotional price, so that’s a not right.

Everything is going up except the money input. Gas is more, food costs more, electric bill up, way up, water and sewer bill has more than tripled over the years. My Social Security check went up zero because Medicare costs went up. My wife’s Social Security check went up $1 because Medicare ate up the rest, just like mine. The senior citizens just get shafted because their increase is nothing, but that doesn’t stop the inflation and ridiculous rate hikes.

I’m just sick over all this. I guess we can start eating dog food and live like the homeless. Wait a minute, the homeless get free food EBT cards, free medical, and free Section 8 housing. What’s wrong with that scenario?

Ronald Feldstein

Carson City


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