Bob Snider guest view: Politicians on wrong track with immigration

While watching the news, DACA had a bunch of children along with a couple of our elected officials using those children as pawns. As far as I’m concerned, that is the lowest scum of humanity there is. To think we have elected officials of that caliber in our government is a total disgrace to our great nation. Where do these people think they are going to get the money to support these people? The United States of America is so far in debt now it’s going to take my great-great-grandkids the rest of their lives to work us out of debt — that is if in the future there will be jobs.

I guess you want to place the burden on our true American citizens by levying more income taxes on them. You will have to get a whole lot to pay your astronomical wages, along with supplying these children with designer clothes to go to school in and sit beside our lower income families’ children.

Don’t get me wrong, I feel sad for these children. It’s not their fault. The only way possible to solve this problem, as I see it, without putting added burden on the American taxpayer, is to ship them and their parents back to the country where their parents originated. Then the DACA people take all of the funds donated strictly to their plight and go with them to ensure they are getting the money donated to them.

They have tasted the life of America as children in this country. Now they must learn that our way of life was not donated to us. We had children in uniform in World War I and II giving up life an limb to protect our way of life. Freedom is not free. Somebody has to die for it, so they must learn they have to fight for it. If they are being oppressed by a dictator and his thugs, appeal to the civilized world that they wish to become a democratic state and are willing to fight for it. Please help us attain this by sending us military help. I’m sure the United Nations will move in and set up a provisional government until such time you can elect some people to govern your country in a democratic way.

The alternative to this would be to send only their parents back and divide the children equally between DACA people and all the past and present politicians (presidents included) who are directly responsible for them being in this country, and make them pay out of their own pocket to provide shelter for them and not use any taxpayer provided facilities other than public schools. Remember, charity starts here at home first.

OK, American voters, now let’s start keeping a scorecard on the politicians who are coming up for re-election in November and get rid of anyone that votes against any proposal that is for the betterment of the American people. There are people in the Senate and Congress along with the news media who are consistently trying to derail anything President Trump is trying to do for the betterment of the American public. We have the best opportunity right now to get things back on track with President Trump. But we as voters have to get rid of all the politicians who are doing everything in their power to prevent anything for the betterment of the American public.

Bob Snider



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