The Popcorn Stand: Another chance to get Cagey

As promised the Popcorn Stand returns to one of its favorite subjects, Nicholas Cage. The Popcorn Stand loves to write about Nicholas Cage for no particular reason other than he’s a quirky guy. Maybe if he just went by “The Cage,” he could run for president.

But the Popcorn Stand isn’t alone as there’s now a huge movement for Disney to make a third National Treasure movie. This would be good news for TNT which can only show the first two National Treasure movies so much.

Reddit has this thread going where people can passionately call for Disney to make a third National Treasure movie and people are flocking to the blog to enthusiastically back the cause. Cage of course is the star of the first two National Treasure movies, National Treasure and National Treasure: Book of Secrets. While it may be a stretch to call Cage a national treasure, His movies of the same name are extremely popular, thus the growing movement for a third installment in the series to be made.

I know nothing about the National Treasure movies other than Cage is a librarian and is hunting for some treasure or something or other which is saying something considering the number of times these movies have been on when I’ve flipped the channel to TNT.

I haven’t seen too many Nicholas Cage movies, but am still bitter he didn’t get an Academy Award nomination for his brilliant performance as the bad boy/love interest in the 1980s classic “Valley Girl,” the kinda, sorta Romeo and Juliet of my generation.

I guess we’re so infatuated with Cage because he somehow makes these pretty mediocre movies from Valley Girl to the National Treasure films (I’ve been told they’re actually pretty mediocre) we just can’t stop watching.

Evidently it’s fun to be Caged.

— Charles Whisnand


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