Past Pages for Saturday, Jan. 27, 2018

150 Years Ago

Advertisement: “Friend & Maute, dealers in stationery, cigars & tobacco, confectionery, case goods, & etc. — three-doors south of the county buildings. Carson City, Nevada. The best Havana and domestic cigars! Meerschaum, wood and clay pipes. Jewelry made to order, watches cleaned and repaired, engraving & enameling jewelry!”

140 Years Ago

A pet skunk: At the cabin of John O’Mearas of Ward, a skunk has taken up quarters next to the chimney, under the earth and stone that has been thrown up against it. It will grab anything that is passed through a crack between the logs. That kind of familiarity did not exactly suit the boys, so when the skunk returned to his hole in the wall, care was taken to reduce the size of the aperture. He is now kept at a safe distance but remains always on hand for regular rations that he takes through the crack.

120 Years Ago

Advertisement: “Alaska-Klondike Gold fields all water route to Dawson City, secure passage now. Capacity Limited. Fare $300. 150 pounds. Free. Excess and freight 10 cents a pound. 20 to 25 days. Send for maps. Pamphlets free. The Alaska Exploration Co. (Under the management H. Liebes & Co. offices, 130 Post St., San Francisco, Cal.”

100 Years Ago

Broiled lizards good eating: The new delicacy favored by the United States Marines who are serving this country claim they have already sampled this toothsome dainty in the Philippines. The small type lizards called guana (sic) have been used for food by the natives. (Haiti)

70 Years Ago

Earthquake or blast: An earthquake or a terrific blast shook parts of Carson City. Mr. A.H. Denison informed the Appeal that her home shook for five or 10 seconds. Chief of Police Howard Hoffman said that county employees in the courthouse building felt the building quiver while residents in the Valley Park addition reported that they heard a noise similar to a terrific explosion.

20 Years Ago

Former U.S. Senator: Howard Cannon turns 86 today. The former powerful U.S. Senator and World War II hero is living in Las Vegas and happy to be out of Washington, D.C.

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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