The Popcorn Stand: Even ESPN doesn’t slip up on cornhole

As those of you who read this Popcorn Stand know, I enjoy periodically taking cheap shots at ESPN.

Recently I’ve noticed ESPN’s fine coverage of “athletes” from such events as the National Cornhole Championships (you know where you throw a bean bag into a hole), poker and hot dog eating.

I admit I watched the National Cornhole Championships for like five minutes like I was watching a train wreck. The announcers were actually describing this thing as a serious athletic event, talking about how the “athletes” were “determined” because they were dealing with the wind and the humidity (Didn’t Costello say it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity — maybe not, but somebody said it). So evidently this “athletic event” was being held outside.

Well don’t look for the National Cornhole Championships to be held on a Norfolk cruise ship anytime soon. Or at least not on a no-skid surface.

Somebody sued the cruise ship because apparently its no-skid flooring wasn’t conducive to playing corhhole. Jeffrey Makuch, 66, of New York is suing the cruise ship owners for $375,000, claiming the no-skid flooring caused him to fall while playing cornhole.

Evidently Makuch is a serious cornhole player because he says the no-skid floor made it impossible for him to properly shift his weight while throwing the beanbag.

I guess he should feel fortunate he wasn’t playing shuffleboard.

Hey, another idea for ESPN.

— Charles Whisnand


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