Letters to the editor for Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Trump’s defense of Putin abhorrent

Monday in Helsinki our duly elected president in his international press conference with Putin violated his oath of office to support and defend the U.S.

His agreeing with Putin rather than our own intelligence agencies regarding the Russian intrusions into our elections was too close to treason.

When will our Republican Sen. Heller and Rep. Amodei show the political courage to directly call out President Trump for his abdication of international policy to the president of Russia? If they do not, they also are violating their oaths of office. They were elected to serve our Nevada citizens, not the Russia lover currently in the White House.

Jon Nowlin

Carson City

Sad to see cut to Appeal’s print edition

I am sad to note, nary a soul has written a letter to the editor regarding the monumental loss for many of us in this community: a daily newspaper.

The “mere” ritual of walking up the hill to the top of my driveway to put up the flag and pick up the newspaper helped to give purpose to each day.

Yes, time and “progress” move along, but this should tell us we may sometimes move so fast we forget the value of “smelling the roses.”

Sallie Rasmussen

Washoe Valley

Nation in dire straits

It is unfortunate that the Appeal has scaled back its printed daily version of this newspaper. A daily paper is important to any city, especially in Nevada since Carson City is the location of the Legislature. We need to be able to express our views as citizens and as voters.

I write to share my deepest concerns about our nation at this hour and the state of this democracy. I know I am not alone. I never thought I would pray for this nation daily and for the preservation of our democracy. Special Counsel Mueller and his team must do all they can do to fully investigate this administration, the 2016 election, and know the ties between a foreign power, Russia, and the president.

The investigation should be fully supported by all elected officials in Congress because this is about the preservation of our democracy. That is their most important job and why they were elected. If such an investigation is not fully supported by any representative in Congress they should not be re-elected to office.

I like so many others in this state and nation love this country and want it protected.

Lisa Rea

Carson City


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