Letters to the editor for Thursday, March 8, 2018

Letter writer ridiculed for admiring President Trump

I’m honored that the chain-letter liberals have singled me out by name for attack in the Appeal. My sin was to point out President Trump’s greatest triumphs, his roaring economy and his leadership in putting America first in the world.

Trump’s election devastated the hate-filled left, with their plans to strip their political enemies of their First and Second Amendment rights and create prosecutable thought crimes. Their last best hope to destroy President Trump, Robert Mueller’s “investigation” has blown up in their faces with – ta da – indictments of Russians.

It was hugely amusing to see the anti-free speech rabble demonstrating at Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s speaking venue scamper away from a well-timed snowstorm on Sunday night. My comic opera antagonists have made one thing clear in their immature rants: I have joined President Trump and Sheriff Arpaio as the latest freedom-loving grown-up to live rent-free in their heads.

Lynn Muzzy



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