The Popcorn Stand: Oreos, cereal and Shamrock Shakes

Again the old fuddy, duddy apologizes as I’ve been letting important days slip by without mention. Tuesday was National Oreo Day. It’s bad enough I let that one slip by until I found out Wednesday was National Cereal Day. And of course there are Post Oreo O’s Oreo Cookie cereal, so I missed a chance for an excuse to eat that cereal on consecutive days.

I used to eat cereal quite a bit for breakfast with my favorites being Frosted Flakes and Honey Nut Cheerios. But eating cereal at least in the morning on a regular basis started to mildly upset my stomach (maybe a little lactose intolerant, I don’t know) so I cut back. But I’m back in the habit again, this time late at night before I go to bed as I’m eating a bowl of cereal as a late night snack more and more. I know this may not be considered the most healthy thing to do, but I tell myself at least I’m not eating ice cream before I go to bed.

So far my stomach has been able to handle this late night snack habit so maybe it was just the timing before of eating a bowl of cereal first thing in the morning that mildly upset my stomach, I don’t know.

Anyway on Wednesday I decided to take another look at what’s going on with the Kellogg’s cafe in Times Square in New York City. One of the menu items is Corn Pops Corn Dogs, which you would think I would love. I mean I love Corn Pops and I love corn dogs but combining sugary corn pops with corn dogs, I don’t know about that.

As I’m writing this, my editor Adam Trumble, just gave me a Shamrock Shake from McDonald’s and I forgot just how good a Shamrock Shake is.

And yes St. Patrick’s Day is coming up and what’s more American than to celebrate an Irish holiday than with a Shamrock Shake and Lucky Charms cereal.

I think it’s my patriotic duty.

— Charles Whisnand


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