Letters to the editor for Saturday, March 17, 2018

Rule of law slipping away

Our country is molded on the rule of law. What a joke. When our country was created, the rule of law meant something, but now it’s ruled by money and ego.

Congress flaunts the law, our states flaunt the law, our cities flaunt the law, our courts flaunt the law, and our citizens ignore the law.

There are many laws on the books I do not agree with, but I obey them. If you do not like a law, change the law, and if you can’t change it, live with it — don’t flaunt it.

A country where laws are ignored becomes known as a third world country where citizens are no more than slaves to the corrupt rulers.

At the same time, punishment for breaking the law should be equal. A person of influence and money should not get preference over any other citizen.

Our court system today is not what our founders created. Our court system has become so politicized. Shopping around for the right corrupted judge to hear your case is not justice, it’s political corruption.

Everything today is surrounded by your political persuasion. A political party cannot give you justice — living within the law does.

Feryl Fitzgerald

Carson City


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