Kenny Guinn Scholarship being offered

As a way to encourage students to pursue education careers in Nevada, the Nevada State Treasurer’s Office is accepting applications for the Kenny Guinn Memorial Scholarship.

The scholarship awards two Nevada college seniors — one from Southern Nevada the other from Northern Nevada — $4,500 each to help pay for tuition, registration, textbooks or other education related expenses.

The hope is the scholarship will help Nevada students who are majoring in elementary or secondary education with the intent of teaching in Nevada post-graduation. The Treasurer’s Office hopes it creates an incentive for students to stay in the community and help the teacher deficit Nevada is facing.

“While Nevada has many great teachers, we need more,” said State Treasurer Dan Schwartz. “Not every elementary or high school student will go to college, but for those who do, they should learn from the best. And, that is a goal the Guinn Memorial Scholarship strives to achieve.”

To be eligible, applicants must currently be an eligible Millennium Scholar, must be entering their senior or last year of college with 90 or more credits at an eligible institution, be enrolled in a course of study leading to licensure in elementary of secondary education, maintain a grade point average of 3.5 or higher, state a commitment to teaching in Nevada upon graduation and have a commendable record of community service.

To apply, students need to fill out the application, submit a 500-word essay, send a resume with their community involvement and achievements, and three letters of recommendation.

The Board of Trustees of the College Savings Plan of Nevada will review and choose the winners, which will be announced later this year.

Applications must be submitted by midnight on April 2. For more information and to apply visit


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