The reason for sad puppy dog eyes

Lily is a three-year-old female border collie/Lab mix who would love a home with no cats but she does love other dogs.

Lily is a three-year-old female border collie/Lab mix who would love a home with no cats but she does love other dogs.

As I sat down to the computer this morning, I was gently nuzzled by Watson, who longingly stared at me with the saddest puppy dog eyes I had ever seen. I glanced at my watch and realized he was trying to tell me it was breakfast time. He had communicated his need with just a look.

Dogs are amazing because they can change their facial expressions when they know people are looking at them. For the classic “sad puppy eyes,” dogs raise their inner eyebrows to make their eyes look larger and more infant-like. This expression elicits an emotional response from the onlooker. It sure worked on me; I immediately served Watson breakfast.

Dogs have been man’s best friend for so many years they have learned to monitor humans by intently watching our gestures. They are able to read human gestures and communicative signals in ways other animals can’t.

Recently a research team developed a rubric that defines facial expressions by the specific muscles a dog flexed. What they found was dogs were more facially expressive when a human faced them and there was a notable change in behavior because of human attention.

Here is what I have observed living with Watson. He knows how to tell time because he wakes us up at 6 a.m. every morning. Watson lets us know when he is hungry, needs a walk or lots of petting. I think that human behavior is changed because of a dog’s attention; I know that for a fact, just looking at his sad puppy dog eyes.


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Kathleen Williams-Miller, a CAPS volunteer, contributed this week’s column.


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