The Popcorn Stand: May the Fourth Be With You

Today, of course, is Star Wars Day because you know it’s May 4th, so May the Fourth Be With You. I still don’t understand why the latest installment of the Star Wars series which centers around Han Solo didn’t come out in theaters today.

The powers that be decided to release Solo: A Star Wars Story on Memorial Day weekend since that will be the 41st anniversary of when the first Star Wars movie was released. As I’ve written before I don’t know much about the Star Wars movies since I’ve never seen one. And I’ve written before I’ve made the mistake of referring to Han Solo as “Hans” Solo.

I do like Chewbacca. I mean I don’t know anything about him, I just like the name Chewbacca. It would be cool if a soccer player went by that name because it would be really cool to listen to the Latin soccer announcer say Chewbacca.

I also made the mistake of misspelling Wookiee because evidently that second e on the end makes a huge difference. And of course I can’t resist bringing back the bad jokes like in 1977 Chewbacca was the Wookiee of the Year or he does really like to make Wookiee.

And of course I really don’t know what a Wookiee is. It sounds like a word you would use with a baby or a dog. “Wookiee, Wookiee, Wookiee, you’re so cute.”

I do know Harrison Ford played Han Solo in the original movie. I also know I thought Ford was brilliant in “American Graffiti,” which is my favorite George Lucas movie.

Of course “American Graffiti,” which actually is brilliant, should be my favorite George Lucas movie since it’s the only George Lucas movie I’ve ever seen.

May the Fourth Be With You.

— Charles Whisnand


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