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Sheriff candidate clarifies platform

The Lahontan Valley News did a great write-up of the April 30 candidates introduction at the Pennington Life Center which was printed on May 2.

One clarification I would like to make, the consolidation of the Police Department and the Sheriff’s Office was another candidate’s platform, not mine. It came up during the question and answer period following each candidate’s presentation.

If elected sheriff, I would look into the logistics of consolidating the Sheriff’s Office assets, equipment and operations to better serve the community at one central location.

I think it would be more user friendly for the community as a whole and provide for better efficiency of the Sheriff’s Office.

Thank you,

Ray East


Time to put America first

I keep reading all the rhetoric about what’s good for the DACA program’s children. Let’s face some hard facts: DACA is just another politically controlled government program wasting hard earned (lower income families’) tax dollars to support children who have no right to be in this country whatsoever. They are only used as pawns to support some politician’s twisted agenda. Why aren’t these politicians using these tax dollars for the betterment of our lower income families’ children’s lives? These are homegrown American born and bred lower income families’ children who have to attend school in hand-me-down or thrift store clothes and sit next to DACA children in designer clothes.

If you stupid politicians and your supporters don’t think it has a physiological effect on the learning ability of these lower income families’ children, think again.

These poor mothers sit and cry every day they have to send their children to school in worn-out clothes. Where are all you bleeding hearts for these children and their families? I only wish I had the money and resources to do a research and see if there was a link between the lower income and disadvantaged poor people of this country and the beginning of the opioid epidemic.

Being 100 percent pro-Trump, I will be the first to admit he is not a politician, and every morning I open my eyes I thank my lucky stars he’s not. Because in today’s world, the definition of a politician is a person who lies, cheats and steals from his constituents to line his and his special-interest people’s pockets. President Trump is by the people and for the people in everything he does. The only way this country will ever live in peace with the rest of the world is by stopping the rest of the world pushing their beliefs and religions on our way of living. They are doing this by the past administration’s immigration policies. Who wouldn’t want the good life of everything free to them, living expenses, healthcare and soon to be able to vote who they want running this country. They sit back and laugh at the true American people for being so stupid to support the politicians in office today that provide this way of living for them.

The Japanese said in World War II: “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant.” This is what all the pro-immigration people, world leaders with unfair trade policies and countries that were about to try and do us under with their military might are saying today. It’s very true they woke up the American people (majority) anyway, who grabbed the bull by the horns and voted for the only president (Trump) as the person who stood for true American people’s ideals. We the American people (voters) must support our truly elected President Trump at this coming election by voting out the elected officials who have used every opportunity to derail everything President Trump is trying to do for America and the true Americans.

If I were a true member of the Democratic Party, I would do everything in my power to vote out all of those politicians who chose to use children as pawns to further their own personal gains and to hell with the American public. There is only one step lower on the scale for political people with this kind of mentality, and that’s selling children into prostitution. If you Democratic Party members even think about keeping these kind of politicians in the party, you are just as demented as they are.

Bob Snider



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