2018 Primary Election guide: Nevada Governor

Dan Schwartz

Dan Schwartz


John Bonaventura

Address: 5604 Eugene Ave., Las Vegas, NV

Occupation: Self Employed

Age: 55

Contact Information: Johnbona@cox.net; BonaventuraForNevada.com

Record of Service: Elected to the Nevada State Assembly 1993; Elected to Constable of Las Vegas 2010; US Department of Justice ; Nellis Air Force Base

Education: Brinley Jr High NV; Western High School NV; Bachelor’s degree from UNLV

Platform: No sanctuary cities.

Protect our Second Amendment gun rights.

No new unfair Internet taxes. I’m the most conservative Democrat running.

I believe that we should follow the Constitution. The Constitution has been usurped for too long, as in the case of what two Clark County Commissioners running for Governor did to the Las Vegas Constable’s Office. Circumventing the voters and violating the Constitution. We have to hold our elected officials accountable for violations of our Nevada Constitution and their oaths of office.

We need a governor that will serve the people not their own self interest. If I’m elected Governor I promise I will protect Nevada our constitution and its citizens.

Make Nevada’s education spending more effective.

Reallocate existing education dollars with no net increase in spending.

Divert funding from programs that have limited impact on student achievement.

Better leverage technology to help students learn.

Increase family involvement in children’s education.

Christina “Chris G” Giunchigliani

Address: 1717 S. 15th St., Las Vegas, NV 89104

Occupation: Middle School Special Education Teacher

Age: 63

Contact Information: chrisgfornv@gmail.com; www.chrisgfornevada.com

Record of Service: I’ve been involved with education for more than 40 years, much of it as a special education middle school teacher. I served 16 years in the Nevada Assembly where I passed things like universal kindergarten and funding for dozens of new schools. I’m currently the Vice Chair of the Clark County Commission, finishing my third term.

Education: Bachelor’s Degree from Avila College, Master’s of Education from UNLV

Platform: I’m the progressive candidate in this gubernatorial race, and am running to build a Nevada that works for everyone, not just the well-connected few — and that starts with fixing our public schools.

I’ll be a governor who protects our public lands like Lake Tahoe and the Rubies from big developers. I voted against the construction of thousands of homes at the edge of Red Rock. As a member of the Southern Nevada Water Authority, I voted against the water importation project, which would hurt the rurals and destabilize the basin. I’ll invest in green technology like solar, wind and geothermal — Nevada has incredible potential to be a leader in these areas.

I’ll fight for collective bargaining rights for workers, and to ensure that all Nevadans can earn a living wage.

And I’m saying #TimesUp and taking on bullying, sexual harassment and abuse. On the Clark County Commission, I’ve implemented a plan to enact workplace protections and reporting procedures and will introduce this plan on a state level. Victims should be listened to and believed.

What is one issue affecting the lives of Northern Nevadans that you would work to fix?

We have some of the most underfunded schools in the country. It’s unacceptable. Every kid, regardless of zip code, deserves the opportunity to get an education that opens doors to opportunity. I spent more than 20 years in the classroom; I know what it means for a child to be in an over-crowded, under-resourced classroom. My first priority as governor will be to revamp our school funding formula, reduce class sizes and increase teacher pay. I will make sure it gets done. My primary opponent single-handedly blocked new funding for public education (because he didn’t want the money to go to Northern Nevada schools) at the same time he was ramming through the $750 Raiders stadium deal for corporate NFL multimillionaires. This is an example of politicians’ priorities being out of whack.

David E. Jones

Address: 204 Sandhill Crane Ave., Henderson, NV 89002

Occupation: Computer Technician Clark County School

Age: 59

Contact Information: djonesforgovernornevada2018@gmail.com; https://djonesforgovernornevada2018.com/

Record of Service: Community Activist Kalamazoo Mich (1994-1999), Executive Producer Television Shows (1995-1999)

School Attended: Kalamazoo Central High 1974-1977 Northwestern Technical College Sacramento, CA Computer Technologies and Systems Administration (2001-2003) Associate Degree and Certification.

Platform: To help all Nevadans by making the Office of The People (Governor). Do what’s right for all Nevadans not just a selected few who can afford to fund campaigns. Working to restore Honor and Dignity to the Office Please see my website for more details.

What is one issue affecting the lives of Northern Nevadans that you would work to fix?

Trust in the Office of the People to do the right thing, not for only those who contributed massive amounts of money, therefore able to get favor by having rules of governance (Policy’s or Statutes) to benefit them and their bottom line. I believe in Democracy and that can only happen when all Nevadans have a seat at the table Equally, Justly and Honorably. Making sure our resources are shared to ensure that each and every Nevadan can draw from the well. Not a Handout But a Helping Hand, so once again they can begin a new and fruitful life. with Pride, Dignity, Self-Respect and Honor. For What I Wish for Myself I Wish for My Neighbor on my Right and my Left.

Go in Peace.

Steve Sisolak

Address: PO Box 850, Las Vegas, NV 89125

Occupation: Clark County Commissioner

Age: 65

Contact Information: Info@SteveSisolak.com; www.SteveSisolak.com

Record of Service: Nevada State Board of Regents (1998-2008); Clark County Commission (2009-Present)

Education: Bachelor of Science in Marketing from the University of Wisconsin; Master’s in Business Administration from the UNLV School of Business.

Platform: I’ve been lucky enough to call Nevada home for decades. I went to school here, started a small business from scratch here and raised my two daughters as a single dad. I’m running for governor because I want every Nevadan to have the same opportunities to succeed that I had. That means an economy that works for everyone, an education system with the resources it needs and educator salaries that are deserved, and keeping our communities safe and our families healthy. I pride myself on being a problem solver and consensus builder. I believe solutions can be found when you bring stakeholders together and create a dialogue. It’s how I ran my business, how I’ve delivered results for Clark County as Commission Chair and how I will move Nevada forward as governor. I’ve never backed down from bullies in the past and I never will as governor. I will stand up to Donald Trump’s dangerous agenda, push back against the NRA and special interests, and make sure our families are put first. As governor, I will move Nevada forward. Nevada’s priorities are my priorities.

What is one issue affecting the lives of Northern Nevadans that you would work to fix?

A strong future for our state depends on a strong economy that works for all Nevadans in all parts of our great state. Too often, economic development has focused only on opportunities based in Southern Nevada while ignoring the incredible possibilities that Northern Nevada holds. As governor, I will work to create an economy where every family, no matter what corner of the state they live in, can take advantage of good jobs and a growing economy. Increasing economic opportunities and job creation around the state will depend on our ability to create an economy that is diversified and expanding. As a state, we have been lucky to depend on our tourism industry as the main economic driver, but we can’t just be focused on one area when we look towards the future. As governor, I will continue to invest in Nevada’s tourism economy, with an emphasis on highlighting the unique draws that Northern Nevada has to offer. But I will also invest in a diverse economy to make sure Nevada is at the cutting edge of emerging industries and technology. As County Commissioner, I helped recruit a solar energy company to open a facility in Nevada and as governor, I will work to recruit and retain job-creating clean energy companies. We have incredible opportunities for green energy across our state - from our ample sunshine to wind, to geothermal locations. There is no reason we cannot lead the nation in clean energy and do so with a robust economy that works throughout the state, not just isolated to one section. Growing a strong future economy doesn’t just require investing in industry — it also takes a complete commitment to invest in our future workforce. As governor, I will make sure we are doing everything we can to ensure that young Nevadans have the education, resources and tools they need to prepare themselves for a 21st-Century economy. I will fight to fully fund Nevada’s schools and give our educators a raise so our children can have the high-quality education they deserve, no matter what zip code they’ve grown up in. My commitment to education does not end at K-12. I will invest in higher education and expand professional technical opportunities so that our younger generations have access to the skills and training they need to succeed. All our children deserve to have the opportunity to continue their education, whether that is through a traditional 4-year degree or through a professional technical program where they can earn while they learn. As governor, I will work every day to bring people together to help move all of Nevada forward. Together we can build an economy that gives all Nevadans the opportunity to succeed and keeps Nevada leading the way.

Henry D. Thorns

Address: 4224 W. Charleston Blvd., #161, Las Vegas, Nevada 89102

Occupation: Entrepreneur

Age: 57

Contact Information: henrythornsforgovernor@gmail.com; www.htforgovernor.com;702-788-7240

Record of Service: I have held leadership positions for 37 years. I have been President of the Unity in the Community Organization, Founder and President of Hen-Hen Dog Catchers Youth Foundation, Vice President of Jackson Street Movement, Student Body Council Member, Business Development & Small Business Owner. I have a background of collaboration with political entities throughout our state.

Education: Graduated from Clark High School with an high emphases on academics and athletics. Received a full ride four-year scholarship to the University of Nevada Las Vegas, after which I played professional football in British Columbia.

Platform: My philosophy would be to network in its simplest and historical form while preserving the fabric of traditions that remain important within the makeup of our state. Our state has surpassed its 150th year birthday celebration and we have entertained 29 Governors. It is time to have a governor that will stand up for the economic interest of hard working Nevada families.

What is one issue affecting the lives of Northern Nevadans that you would work to fix?

It is imperative that we develop and maintain affordable housing and land restoration within Northern Nevada. Are you willing to participate in the resolution process to address pacific issues pertaining to or affecting our Northern Nevada communities.

Henry Thorns the governor that will work for you. Vote Henry Thorns for governor.

Editor’s Note: Asheesh Dewan didn’t respond to the questionnaire.


Stephanie Carlisle

Address: 503 Via Garofano Ave., Henderson, NV 89011

Occupation: Business Woman/Commercial Finance

Age: 36

Contact Information: www.Carlisle4Nevada.com; StephanieL.Carlisle@yahoo.com

Education: Fort Hays University – Organizational Leadership / University of Phoenix – Associates

Platform: Lotto, Education, Voter I.D and much more! I am a former business owner/entrepreneur, who currently assists businesses with their financial needs. As a Conservative Business woman, I will expect high standards in all facets of our government. It’s important to lead with professionalism while enforcing our laws through respect for the Constitution and protecting our civil liberties. Representing fellow citizens of Nevada would be a great honor; one in which I will prove my appreciation by delivering on commitments. Business leaders and owners are results driven, it’s in our DNA, and it’s what I’ll do for Nevada!

What is one issue affecting the lives of Northern Nevadans that you would work to fix?

Nevadans will see that electing Stephanie Carlisle will create many successes in areas, where our politicians have failed. Quite honestly every politician (from both parties) who currently are running, should all be ashamed to even consider representing our state. They are the ones responsible for a failed education system, that has continually dropped to a point where it can fall no lower. A state debt in the billions, which we are all burdened with. A crime rate that has increased by double digits in some areas, in just the past few years; plus many, many other glaring issues. The many shortfalls will begin to be reversed if I am elected.

Some think it’s not going to happen, but I will bring the Lottery to Nevada. Voter I.D. will finally be a reality and the voter rolls will truly be cleaned up, to help prevent voter fraud. I will cut excess overspending and create a more business friendly tax structure to ensure our economy surges. Our education system will reverse course, with an implementation of policies proven to be successful. I will be conscious of any environmental issues, that may affect our beautiful states ecosystem and natural resources while implementing policies.

I am a strong woman who doesn’t back down from challenges; one who will put the needs of Nevadans above all others. My faith in the Lord helps to give me strength and guidance, and empowers me to lead with compassion, integrity, optimism and confidence. Please consider voting for Stephanie Carlisle, when you have a moment review my website www.Carlisle4Nevada.com and contact me if you have any questions, thank you.

Adam Laxalt

Address: P.O. Box 97801, Las Vegas, NV 89193

Occupation: Nevada Attorney General

Age: 39

Contact Information: adamlaxalt.com

Record of Service: I had the honor to serve as a Lieutenant in the United States Navy. I volunteered to serve at Forward Operating Base Camp Victory, where my team oversaw more than 20,000 detainees during the Surge in Iraq, keeping the United States and our troops safer by assisting in the detention and prosecution of terrorists and war criminals. I also served as a Professor of Law at the U.S. Naval Academy. Today, I have the honor of serving as Nevada’s Attorney General, where I have taken a results-driven approach to defending the people of Nevada, pursuing justice for victims, protecting the state’s most vulnerable citizens, and increasing services for members of the military community.

Education: Graduated Magna Cum Laude from Georgetown University and also graduated from Georgetown University Law Center.

Platform: I am running for Governor so that the dreams of Nevadans can endure and thrive beyond this generation and into the next. This state has meant so much, and given so much, to me and to my family through the years. And as Governor, I’ll be committed to ensuring that Nevada’s next chapter is the greatest yet in our state’s rich history. There are a number of important issues that I will address as Governor, but there are three in particular that I will make my highest priorities. First and foremost, I will work tirelessly to improve education in Nevada, bringing more accountability to our system and ensuring that every Nevada student has access to a quality education. I will also work to create a climate that will lead to a stronger economy, more job creation and more opportunities for Nevada’s families and individuals. And I will work to enhance public safety in our local communities, which has been my top priority as Attorney General.

What is one issue affecting the lives of Northern Nevadans that you would work to fix?

Education is the civil rights issue of our time. And I believe that improving our education system must be a top priority in every single part of our state. There are many important challenges I’ll address if I have the honor of serving as Nevada’s next Governor, but my top priority will be ensuring all Nevada children have access to the quality education they deserve. I’ve worked with some of Nevada’s best teachers, administrators, policymakers and other education leaders — from both the public and private education realms — over the last few months to develop an education plan that will deliver on the promise of a great education for every Nevada student. My education plan includes:

Building On Governor Sandoval’s Success: I’ll support the important reforms implemented by Governor Sandoval, particularly those aimed at improving early literacy. I’ll ensure we properly fund our public education system — we’ll never go backward from current levels of education spending.

Education Checkbook: I’ll bring an unprecedented new level of transparency and accountability to education spending, through a statewide, online system providing Nevadans with full information on how and where all of our public education dollars are spent.

Rewarding Teachers: I support reforms to reward the hard work and excellence of Nevada’s educators. For example, I’ll double the allowed amount teachers can be reimbursed for classroom expenses they cover themselves, which will address a concern I’ve heard often in my conversations with teachers.

More Opportunities For Student Success: I’ll increase support for school choice, so all students have access to the type of education that’s best for them. I’ll increase access to charter schools, double the scope of our Opportunity Scholarship program, and support Education Savings Accounts.

Preparing Students For The Future: I will strengthen Career and Technical Education programs, because I believe a more robust approach to CTE will better prepare students for career success and will ensure our employers have access to the skilled workforce they need.

Developing Tomorrow’s Teachers: I’ll address Nevada’s critical teacher shortage by creating a program called “Tomorrow’s Teachers.” Students would receive a scholarship to pursue a degree from a Nevada university or college in areas where we face critical teacher shortages, and agree that upon graduation, they’ll teach for a set number of years in a Nevada district school.

School Safety: Making sure our state is safer — especially our schools — will be a top focus for me as Governor. My Attorney General’s office recently convened a summit to bring together law enforcement and education officials from across the state to identify gaps in the system that could lead to a tragedy in one of Nevada’s schools.

Nevada faces many challenges in education policy, but I believe the solutions are within our reach. And I’m confident that my platform will help ensure Nevada’s next chapter in education is our best yet. Our kids deserve nothing less.

Dan Schwartz

Address: 101 N. Carson St., Carson City, NV 89701

Occupation: State Treasurer

Age: 67

Contact Information: Dan@Dan4Nevada.com; www.Dan4Nevada.com

Record of Service: US Army, 85th USA Arty Det, Germany, 1972-1974; Nevada State Treasurer, 2015 – present

Education: A.B, Princeton University ’72; J.D., Boston University,’81; M.B.A, Columbia University ’78.

Platform: My candidacy encompasses experience, knowledge, and commitment. I have spent close to 40 years in the financial and business communities. Lessons learned during that period are reflected in the success which the Treasurer’s Office has enjoyed over the past four years: we’ve quadrupled returns on the General Fund; restructured college savings; saved taxpayers $80 million through bond refunding’s; and, cut the unclaimed property processing period from 120 to 25 days. Additionally, my opposition to the phantom Faraday Future project saved Nevada taxpayers $175 million in defaulted bonds. As an entrepreneur, I built several businesses and have overseen the Treasurer’s office investment in an entity that makes micro loans to small businesses. Going forward, my number one objective is to dramatically improve Nevada’s last-in-the-nation education system, including parental choice. I will also put an end to the bought-and-paid-for culture that has metastasized in Carson City. I also want to catalyze the state’s growth in 21st century businesses and jobs instead of effectively subsidizing the gaming industry. Affordable healthcare for all is also on my agenda. In short, Nevadans deserve better than they have gotten. My objective is to make that happen.

What is one issue affecting the lives of Northern Nevadans that you would work to fix?

I understand that many issues in Northern Nevada are different than those in Clark County. These issues include land use, water rights, infrastructure, mental health, opioid use, personal safety, and housing shortages. Most importantly, the issues include being listened to and having a seat at the table. But, I believe these issues are all reflected under those that impact the entire state. If we create better, high paying jobs, then we give Northern Nevadans the means to lead better lives. If we create better schools, than we provide a reason for businesses to locate in Northern Nevada and for our kids to have better jobs and be better citizens. If we put an end to lobbyists buying our government instead of the people electing our state’s priorities, then the voices of Northern Nevada will be heard. It can be done. I will do it.

Editor’s Note: Willaim Boyd, Frederick Conques, Edward Dundas, Jared Fisher and Stan Lusak didn’t respond to the questionnaire.

Independent American

Russell Best

Occupation: Retired Real Estate Developer

Age: 68

Contact Information: best4governor@gmail.com; www.best4governor.com

Record of Service: Served US Navy, Unpaid State Lobbyist

Education: BA from Moorpark College, Mortgage Brokerage License NV & CA

Platform: There are many issues facing our great state today, many stemming from the fact that the major parties spend more time fighting with each other than fixing the problems at hand. As an Independent, I don’t answer to a party, but to you, the hardworking people of Nevada. Whether it is fighting to save the wild horses, lowering taxes, or helping to bring more jobs to the state; I am here for you. Your issues are my issues, so please drop me a line, ask me anything. I am an open, honest and plain-speaking candidate who is here to fight for you.

What is one issue affecting the lives of Northern Nevadans that you would work to fix?

We need to stop the senseless slaughter of the wild horses that symbolise the free and pioneering spirit that this state is known for. Killing them to clear the way for big companies or selling them to foreign lands in order to make dog food is not the answer. We need to support adoptions, not the greed of the Federal and State Government. I intend to work with the state lawmakers to create laws and better options to ensure the protection of these majestic animals.


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