The Popcorn Stand: We should be society where no apologies needed

Donald Trump supporters may be stunned when I say this but I once thought “love is never having to say you’re sorry,” the famous line from “Love Story,” was one of the stupidest movie sayings I ever heard.

But it took President Trump to make me realize that saying makes a lot of sense, although a more accurate way of putting it would be “love is never saying something that would make you have to say you’re sorry.”

I wished we lived in a society in which we were so careful about what we said, we never had to say we’re sorry.

Since Roseanne’s show has been canceled after her racist tweet, President Trump now wants a Magical Apology Tour and maybe it can be complete with a Beatles Tribute Band.

As a side note, my conspiracy prediction is the NBA Finals go seven games to help make up a little for the revenue ABC is going to lose from canceling Roseanne.

President Trump played the “whataboutism” card when he responded to the whole Roseanne debacle by saying where’s my apology for all the things people have said about me.

Well, Mr. President, as a Christian, I can tell you, you reap what you sow. You think you can say whatever you want, so we now live in a society in which people, especially your supporters like Roseanne, believe they can say whatever they want. Wow, what a surprise.

I’ve written before about George H.W. Bush when he was running for president in 1988 and he knew where our society was heading when he said, “We need a kinder, gentler nation.”

Yes, I would much rather live in a society in which we never had to say we’re sorry.

— Charles Whisnand


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