Letters to the Editor for Nov. 3, 2018

Concerning the massacre in Pittsburgh…

Hate Hasn’t a Chance

Tho at times like

Flames of fire

Hatred is spread

As if painting a picture

Love is dying or dead

But hate cannot compare

To the power

Of love

Nothing comes close

Here and high above

Hate hasn’t a chance

With what can do

In the home of the free

God’s red white and blue …

J. Paul Horgan

Virginia City

A solution to decreasing national debt

President Trump was correct in his criticism of the Federal Reserve raising interest rates too rapidly without any current inflation fears (very minimal increases during Obama years) having a negative effect on the growing economy. Every increase of 1 percent on the interest rate results in $200 billion additional annual debt expense on the federal budget. Now the solution: Increase the harvesting of lumber from federal lands. The current $600 million tree harvest will need to be increased to 3 billion trees (would take us to efficient planned harvesting levels of the 1980s) before the environmentalists and Democrats used the Endangered Species Act to almost end the logging industry, leaving us with the loss of millions of jobs and 7.5 billion dead trees in the national forests of 11 western states (Denver Post 2017, U.S. Forest Service). Value of the lost resources is estimated at $14.5 trillion. This equals two-thirds of the national debt, or 580 times the $25 billion wall, or three and a half times the $4 trillion annual federal budget (estimated average size of tree 0.4 cords or 650 board feet by U.S. Forest Service 1 cord equals 4 feet by 4 feet by 8 feet equals 1,550 board feet at an estimated $3 per board foot, which equals 12 foot square by 1 foot thick equaling an average value of tree $2,000 each). The 2.4 billion tree increase would add approximately $4.8 trillion annually to the economy with 40 percent of the total (stump fees) designated to reducing the national debt by $2 trillion per year.

Mark Tarvainen


Both parties should be glad for Kavanaugh’s confirmation

To the editor:

There are many reasons why both Democrats and Republicans can be thankful that Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Supreme Court. If the protestors had won, it would mean that our votes do not count but our leaders can be decided by who can protest the most. It would mean that someone could make up a story about what you did in high school long ago and you could be punished for it even if you were innocent. Christians and churches would have lost the most because groups like Freedom from Religion would like to rid every trace of Christianity and the cross from the public and he will stop them. He will be against the bind of government intrusion into the message of the church they have in Canada and Sweden. He will probably vote against partial birth abortion and be for the right of Christians to share their faith in the workplace and say, “Merry Christmas.” Students can display a Bible on their desk and wear a cross on their clothes. He could have more influence than the president because of his lifetime tenure and Christian evangelism to forgive and pray for his enemies. Proverbs 14:34: “Righteousness exalteth a nation but sin is a reproach to any people.”

Stan Severon

Summerville, SC

USS Nevada crewmembers deserve recognition

Nevada citizens, I have always wanted to do something worthy of living for, dying for, or perhaps writing something of enduring importance. My tour of duty (1941-45) on one of the legendary warships of World War II prompted me to give special praise to the crewmembers of battleship USS Nevada (BB30). Through their actions of courage, commitment, integrity and responsibilities, they breathed life and vitality into their ship, leaving an inspirational legacy for all succeeding generations of seagoing warriors.

Charles T. Sehe

Mankato, Minn.

Trump’s ‘Killer Caravan’

OMG! “The Killer Caravan.” It makes me think of the 1958 Sci-fi cult film classic “The Blob.” A young Steve McQueen is frantically telling the town sheriff, “Dave, it ate the Doc. It was all over him, kept getting bigger, and then the Doc was gone!” “It was horrible!”

As our fearmonger-in-chief hits every Podunk town in every red state, where official ID proof is now a red MAGA that needed to cash a check or register to vote, and I see the dimwitted and delusional dolts photo-bombing behind the Donald, I am virtually speechless (except this letter). Gobbling up his lies with staggering gullibility, it numbs the senses.

This small group of migrants, farmers, weaponless, seeking asylum, has been labeled a national security threat. I guess all those little brown thug kids in flip-flops will sneak across our border, rape our women and ruin our way of life. If they do ever get here ... traveling as fast as flip-flops will allow ... with Blob-like speed ... devouring every thing and every one in its path ... horrible.

Trump has said there are MS-13 gang members and others in the caravan ready to do violence. Sorry, Donald. Gang members usually have money. Those guys are already close by and would fly or limo to the front of the line at the end of the destination. Then maybe threaten or shoot anyone who wouldn’t allow cuts in line. Do you really think gang members would walk thousands of miles with a bunch of poor farmers? Oh, and those middle eastern terrorists that are supposedly hanging out with the mighty migrants. Really, Donald? Thousands of miles away, across a huge ocean, just to walk across a continent, sneak into our country, and do harm to your fans in Pocatello, Idaho. Now they are somewhat brown in color. And putting a poncho and sombrero on would be a good disguise. But somehow I think they would pull a Rosie Ruiz (she of Boston Marathon fame) and jump into the line at the last mile or so, act real tired, cross the border and then carry out all of their Muslim mischief.

Doesn’t this all sound silly? Trump’s “Killer Caravan” and my Blobian analogy? And the millions of morons believing his garbage is silly. The man with no boundaries is up to 30 lies a day. I’m writing this three days before the election. Who knows what Tuesday will bring? One thing is for sure: I’ll take serious for a while and hope to put two years of silliness into the Trump cesspool to drown a “horrible” death.

Rick Van Alfen

Carson City

Tricked at Halloween

Bears came to feast on my apple trees and left about 100 droppings!

Lou Vanderlinden

Carson City


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