Healthcare Insurance was No. 1 issue in 2018 Mid-Term Elections

Normally, the party in power can tout success in the economy as a reason for voters to choose their candidates in any election. The statement “It’s the economy, stupid!’’ has often been used to explain a victory.

However, the Democratic Party can make another statement for why they took the House in the 2018 mid-terms. “It was healthcare, stupid!”

It’s not that Republicans didn’t know that going in, but were powerless to do much about it because their actions in trying to appeal the Affordable Care Act. It has been portrayed as the main reason they lost the seats they did. National surveys of voters indicated it was the No. 1 issue. The fact the economy was on their side likely minimized the losses.

The failed effort to repeal the ACA is likely the reason Sen. Dean Heller lost his race to Democrat Jacky Rosen in Nevada. She hammered him over his flip-flop on the ACA and a couple other issues and Heller could have no comeback. Actions spoke louder than any words he could offer. In his defense, he did his best to save the ACA before having his arm twisted with the threat “vote with us or I will have someone else run against you in the primary.’’ That someone else was Danny Tarkanian, who lost in his bid for Rosen’s House seat to a first-time candidate.

Had Gov. Brian Sandoval been able to run for re-election, he probably would have won in a landslide because he supported the ACA and Medicaid expansion.

The future of the ACA now is in the hands of both parties who need now to sit down and try to fix the parts of the ACA that are broken. Let’s hope that happens.

• In the meantime, signups for the ACA for 2019 continue through Dec. 15. Anyone who needs help can call me or other brokers listed on the Nevada Health Link. Prices have leveled off and even dropped in some cases. There is no tax penalty for not having insurance for 2019, but as the old saying goes: “It is better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it!” What are you going to do if something bad happens?

• Also ongoing is the Annual Election Period for Medicare. It is a time to switch Medicare Advantage plans, if yours is changing, and it is also a time to see if your Part D Drug Plan for 2019 will serve your needs. Whatever, the case, call me for assistance. I can work to get you in the plan that makes the most sense for you.

Ron Bliss is a former sports writer who has been offering health insurance since 2009. He has been a broker on the Health Exchanges since ACA was first offered in 2014. He is contracted to sell all types of health insurance on and off the exchanges in both Nevada and California. You can contact him at 775-224-7169.


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