Letters to the Editor for Nov. 17, 2018

Columnist confused Pocahontas with Sacajawea

I agree with Mr. Farmer’s commentary about Dems playing identity politics in today’s (Nov. 10) Appeal but am very disappointed in his error with regard to history. He has confused Pocahontas with Sacajawea, the Shoshone woman who aided the Lewis and Clark expedition. Pocahontas was associated with the colonial settlement at Jamestown in the early 1600s. She preceded Sacajawea on this earth by more than 150 years in time and about 2,500 miles geographically.

Patricia Packard

Carson City

Trump is not above the law

Even as ballots in some states are still being counted, Trump could not wait to force Sessions’ resignation in an obvious effort to undermine the Mueller investigation.

Nevadans’ ballots have been counted, and we are demanding that Congress fulfill its constitutional obligation to provide oversight of the executive branch.

Grassroots coalitions are gathering in communities throughout our state to demand accountability from all our elected officials. Ordinary Americans who collude with foreign powers, cheat on their taxes or engage in illegal business practices face justice. Those in power cannot exempt themselves. What is this president and his party leadership so desperate to hide?

Nevadans will demonstrate against Trump’s reckless action, in solidarity with other Americans around the country. We will not stop our demands until justice is served.

Laura J. Hale

Carson City


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