Rob Galloway: Home for the holidays

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. Being a food lover, I think it has to do more about that than anything else. However, in the case of this column, I’m going to talk more about that other thing that’s associated with Thanksgiving: Family.

Growing up, I spent most of my Thanksgiving days with my dad’s side of the family. Most of the family lived within an hour or two from one another, so it was a large gathering with grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. Great food. Great company. Great times.

Then, in the span of about three and a half years, I lost an aunt, my grandmother, my father, an uncle and my grandfather. Needless to say, the losses ended up being the catalyst that changed those Thanksgivings forever. No longer having those adults to be the driving force behind getting everyone together, time spent with that side of my family somewhat faded away. The cousins got older, had families of their own, and life kept on.

A few years ago, we decided to get the family back together for the holidays — many of the same faces, but new ones, too. It reminded me of why I loved those times so much growing up. It was still a great time, with great food and great company — just slightly different, as the surrounding cast and our family lives had all changed.

I bring up this story because it’s similar to what I’m dealing with now in my career. I had previously worked for the Nevada Appeal, spending nearly 10 years of my career here. In that time, I worked with some great people and it was a lot like family. You can’t work in a place for that long and not develop some great relationships, both with the people you work with in the office, as well as people in the community.

My decision to leave was based on a great opportunity to grow in my career, but it wasn’t without great consideration and a heavy heart. There were many people I missed when I left, but it allowed me to work on myself and get better at what I do. Much growth and progress has been made in my time away.

Now, I’m back in the place where I started my career in media. Some of the same faces are still here, but there are also new ones. And much like my family experience, things have changed. Also, much like in my time away, everyone here and in the community has been through a lot.

I know because I’m still a member of this community. Carson City has been my home for the past 18 years. I love where I live and I love I’m again able to work where I live.

What my being back will mean for the Nevada Appeal moving forward, we’ll see. It’s no secret we have work to do, but what business doesn’t? For now, one thing is for certain: it feels good to be home for the holidays.

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