The curse of becoming a mummy

Miss Chleo, a sweet American Staffordshire terrier mix, is four years old. She is looking for a home with no cats or livestock. Miss Chleo loves people and some dogs. Come out and meet her she is charming.

Miss Chleo, a sweet American Staffordshire terrier mix, is four years old. She is looking for a home with no cats or livestock. Miss Chleo loves people and some dogs. Come out and meet her she is charming.

Some of my major fascinations have been Egypt, the pyramids and mummification. I was so fascinated by the process of mummification that my students and I mummified a chicken we named King Bob. We purchased Bob at Safeway and he was well chilled. It was a huge project. King Bob lived in my garage for a year until his royal burial.

The recent headline “Archaeologists Discover Dozens of Cat Mummies, 100 Statues in Ancient Tomb” caught my eye, I was amazed to discover that the 4,500-year-old tomb not only contained cat mummies but also mummified scarab beetles. Just how big do scarab beetles get? Sounds pretty creepy.

The tomb contains fabulous statues of gilded wooden cats and a bronze statue of Bastet, the goddess of cats. The statues are incredible and look rather modern in style. The photos of the mummified cats are startling.

The Egyptians saw cats as divine but didn’t exactly worship them. Cats were observed and then gods or goddesses were created in their images. Cats weren’t the only animals mummified because dogs, crocodiles, snakes and bulls were also preserved.

Both cats and dogs were bred specifically for mummification. It was a pretty common practice. In one catacomb near the temple of Anubis, the jackal-headed god of death, there were 8 million dog mummies found. It is believed that the animals were mummified to honor the gods.

In fact whole cities were dedicated to cats, dogs, and river fish. These animal cults were popular around 747 BCE to 30 BCE. Tourism was a boost for the local economy and going to the temple of Bastet or Anubis was like going to Disneyland. Just like today there were crafts, food, dancing and, of course, the mummies.

I’m glad we have moved beyond the ancient ways of Egypt because the greatest thing about cats and dogs is the joy of being with them as companions. Although I think cats still believe they are gods.


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