Carson City gets $20,000 for ‘green dining district’

Nevada’s Division of Environmental Protection has awarded $67,500 in grants to six organizations across the state.

The funding is part of the division’s recycling program to support projects that increase recycling, public awareness of the importance of conserving natural resources and for the reduction, reuse and recycling of solid waste.

The funding comes from the account that receives $1 per tire sold in Nevada.

The recipients are:

$20,000 to GreenUp of Carson City to launch a “green dining district” on Carson City that will provide recycling guides to 30 restaurants on Carson Street encouraging them to eliminate straws and Styrofoam containers and to compost food waste and practice energy saving measures.

$22,521.50 to the Pyramid Paiute Tribe to buy a recycling truck to support the tribe’s recycling program.

$1,490 to Yerington High School to create a recycling program.

$3,491 to Sierra Nevada College to buy a bear-proof storage shed and other equipment to create an on-campus composting system.

$11,690 to the city of Henderson to support the Desert Research Institute’s Science Alive program and create a Waste Warriors Green Box for use in Henderson schools.

$8,296.50 to Ely to enhance the city’s existing recycling center.


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