Tom Riggins: Shame and disgrace

If I were a Democrat, I would be ashamed. Very ashamed. The unethical, childish, and amoral level Democrat leadership has stooped to is unprecedented, at least in recent history.

After listening to the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing for Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford, I had to let some time lapse so I could calm down. I have never seen such a blatant misuse of power or such a travesty by any group of people. Democrats on this committee have outdone themselves.

They have shown themselves to be ruthless about ruining someone’s life and reputation to accomplish an end. And they don’t even have any guilt or shame about it. I mean, seriously, if they have to resort to some vague writings in a high school yearbook for ammunition they don’t have anything else.

Even Sen. Lindsey Graham, who usually has a sore rear from riding the fence on most issues, was so mad he unloaded on his Democrat friends. The circus was so blatant that even Jake Tapper, the perennial Trump CNN basher, admitted that there was no corroborating evidence supporting the allegations against Kavanaugh. Based on testimony presented, that is all they are, allegations.

Yet the Trump-hating Arizona GOP senator who lives up to his name, Flake, played into Democrat hands. He blackmailed the Judiciary Committee into a one-week delay for the FBI to investigate Kavanaugh’s past even though the FBI previously declined.

The Democrats have come up with three separate so-called “incidents,” each more salacious than the prior one. What will they come up with next, a bestiality claim? Kavanaugh has been investigated six times by the FBI for security clearances. One of the things they look for are sexual improprieties because of the potential for blackmail. Nothing was found.

Now there is a seventh investigation. I am betting that the one-week delay for a vote will be delayed again. At the last hour there will be another “allegation” and the Democrats will call for another delay and another investigation of the new charge. I am sure it was planned long ago.

Democrats are changing the legal landscape. Their actions, if allowed to stand, change American jurisprudence. You are no longer presumed innocent until proven guilty. All that is necessary to ruin lives and careers is for a “serious charge” to be alleged. And what is more serious than sexual assault?

Further, you can now be tried in the court of public opinion instead of the court system. One only has to look at the media circus that surrounded the allegations against Kavanaugh. They gleefully reported any scintilla of sensationalism about the charges, at least until they started to find inconsistencies with the accusations. They played hand in glove with their toady Democrats. And another person’s career is ruined.

If this stands, parents, you should be very afraid for your sons. If the mere allegation of perceived sexual harassment, however slight, or sexual assault is considered to be guilt, men will face this throughout their life. What better way to ruin a competitor for a job or to get even with someone who spurns a woman’s attention? Sex is now political, and used for political gain.

The sad part of this is that they used Blasey Ford to try to get to Kavanaugh. She at this point is as much a victim as he is. No doubt she will eventually be hailed as a hero, ala Anita Hill, receiving book offers and speaking engagements. Although I wonder why a supposedly highly educated woman with two doctorate degrees talks like a young valley girl. Was that contrived or does she talk like that in her classes?

The really sad part of this is that women speaking out about legitimate sexual assaults will be delegitimized. And it won’t be the Republicans’ fault. This will all be on Democrats. No matter how much they try to shift the blame.

I have several Democrat friends who I talk with and actually have some lively non-rancorous debate with. I did believe that there could be tolerance as long as there was an openness about each other’s positions. No more. After seeing the Democrat leadership engage in the obviously orchestrated gamesmanship they undertook to ruin Kavanaugh, any Democrat who remains with their party should be fair game for similar treatment on themselves. Their leadership, at least, has proven historically that they are much better at dishing it out than taking it when the tables are turned.

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