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Beauty in a Basket program successful

Each summer, Carson City’s historic downtown district is dotted with vibrantly-colored petunias spilling forth from an array of flower baskets.

“The Beauty in a Basket program began many years ago, as the first avenue for raising funds to launch The Greenhouse Project,” said Karen Abowd, TGP’s founder and president. “We had more participation than ever this year, and the program’s success is only possible thanks to the work of many.”

Among those involved in the success of this public-private partnership, are the basket sponsors, Carson City Parks and Recreation, John Cassinelli and Cassinelli Landscaping, Carson City School District’s special needs students and CHS’ plant science classes.

“I also want to thank our greenhouse manager, Cory King and our AmeriCorps folks for their guidance from helping our special needs kids plant flower seeds, all the way through to floral design of each basket,” Abowd said. “It takes everyone doing their part to make this a success – and that is enjoyed by the community and visitors throughout the summer.”

The early bird special maintains 2018 pricing and offers substantial savings. Cost is $225 for one basket and $400 for two. To learn more and to download the form, visit www.carsoncitygreenhouse.org.

TGP, located on Carson City High School campus, provides agriculture education for students of all abilities, and the produce grown there is distributed to organizations that aid the community’s food insecure. For more information, call 232-8626.

The Greenhouse Project

Look within your conscience

I write to those who supported the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court because of their pro-life beliefs: Look within your conscience. Does your belief in the sanctity and the support of life stop at conception and birth of life? Or do you extend that belief to the support of legislation for those who, for example, cannot afford healthcare, or those who can acquire only low-paying jobs that can not possibly support a family?

Jackie Field

Carson City

Typical government way of doing business

I suggested to the Carson City Utilities Department that it could save money by not sending envelopes with the water bill to people who pay their bill by credit cards.

The reply was it’s too expensive to make that change.

I then suggested they stop sending bills by snail mail to those people, and instead send them their bills by email. I got the same response; it’s too expensive.

Would it take more than a day for a programmer to change the computer to do that?

What has happened to a “can-do attitude?”

Walt Ratchford

Carson City


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