Nevada Day Treasure Hunt medallion found

Cheryl Hansen on Monday with the medallion.

Cheryl Hansen on Monday with the medallion.

Cheryl Hansen’s strategy was simple. Review the clues first and then go on the search.

After she had enough clues to figure out the Nevada Day Medallion was at Reno’s Idlewild Park, Hansen took off for the park on Monday to search for the medallion.

“I walked the whole park this morning,” said Hansen on Monday morning. At about 1 p.m. on Monday the search for the Washoe Valley woman was well worth the effort as she found the medallion, thus ending the Nevada Day Treasure Hunt.

“It was so exciting,” Hansen said. “What a feeling to find it.”

Hansen said her brother, Ray Peternell, has found the medallion twice in past treasure hunts and was helpful in her search. She said she’s been participating in the Treasure Hunt for years as well.

Hansen receives a $1,000 prize for finding the medallion. Hansen said the money will go to good use to spruce up her house.

“I need trees, bushes and plants and flowers,” she said.


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