Raiders beat Panthers in flag football

The Raiders beat the Panthers 20-7 in the featured game of the Talents Carson City NFL Flag Football League. In other games, the Packers beat the Rams 44-18, the Raiders beat the Rams 32-13 and the Packers beat the Panthers 44-25.


Packers (6-0): Trevor Britt 6 TDs; Nugut Angiano TD pass; Alex Myrehn 4 TDs, 3 TD passes; Nate Peterson 2 TDs; Parker Maldonado TD.

Raiders (4-2): Jaden Gomez 5 TDs; Miguel Mendoza 6 TD passes; Jesse Cardial 3 TDs.

Panthers (1-5): Zack Remer 4 TD passes; Abraham Ortega 2 TDs; Jaden Laplante 2 TDs; Tristan Travieso TD.

Rams (1-5): John Ammerman 5 TD passes; Colby Simola 2 TDs; Bradley Edwards TD.

Eagle Valley women finish season

The Eagle Valley Women’s Golf Club finished the season with a Pink Ball benefit. The winning team, with a net score of 136, was Jean Barnett, Beth Juri and Gail Nelsen. Members collected more than $650 to benefit the Carson Cancer Resource Center’s Merriner Cottages.

Eagle Valley takes consolation title

The Eagle Valley seventh grade girls basketball team won the Consolation Championship of the Tah-Neva League Saturday at South Tahoe. Eagle Valley beat Incline 27-14 in the consolation finals. Ana Cazares scored 10 points, Dayna Myrehn 7, Naleia Abbie 8 and Audrey Locatelli 2 for the Eagles.

Carson Valley Women’s Golf takes second

The Carson Women’s Golf Club placed second in the High Sierra League. The High Sierra League consists of 19 Northern Nevada clubs.

Teams play each other in net four-ball modifiled match play for six months. Carson Valley missed finishing first by just two points.

The women who competed for the Carson Valley High Sierra team were: Sandy Trainer, Priscilla Kramer, Virginia Irlikis, Gwynn Guilette, Melinda Johnson, Joni Taylor, Leslie Nixon, Jan Recanzone, Rhonda Mac Clelland, Bonnie Johnson, Kathy Belvel, and Sue Eropkin.


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