Carson City Sheriff candidate questions

Kenny Furlong

Kenny Furlong

Kenny Furlong

Occupation: Sheriff

Age: 61


Record of Service: Mr. Kenny Furlong was born in Carson City and raised in a law enforcement family. He graduated from Carson High School in 1975, and was immediately employed with the Nevada Division of Forestry as a Seasonal Fire Fighter. Following the fire season, he was employed with the Carson City Fire Department as a Dispatcher. In February 1978, Kenny entered the United States Air Force as a Security Policeman, and was later assigned to the Air Force Office of Special Investigations. Throughout his career, Kenny’s primary experience was with major crimes and narcotics units. In 1998, Mr. Furlong retired from the Office of Special Investigations at Nellis AFB, NV. Mr. Furlong’s military career provided assignments across America, in the Republic of South Korea, and in the European Theater. In July 1998, Ken returned to local public service, employed at the Nevada State Department of Parole and Probation, where he was assigned field and court services duties. Two years later, Kenny moved to the Investigations Division, Department of Public Safety, and was assigned to the Major Crimes Unit. In January 2003, Mr. Furlong became the 27th Sheriff of Carson City.

Education: Carson High School graduate of 1975. While in the Air Force, earned associates degrees in Police Science with the Community College of the Air Force, an Associate of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice, and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice Administration at Park College, MO, in 1984. Sheriff Furlong has earned Nevada Peace Officer certifications for both Detention and First Responder operations, and been awarded a law enforcement Executive Level Management certification by the Nevada Commission on Peace Officers Standards and Training.

A brief statement about your platform: Sheriff Ken Furlong believes department programs must contain prevention, education, and enforcement objectives intended to make Carson City a safer community. His targeted enhanced programs include domestic violence prevention, illegal narcotics, gang activities, and traffic issues. He is an advocate of community oriented policing philosophies, internal career development, and building trust and respect in the community. He has built strong volunteer units that provide support to department divisions. The Sheriff sponsors outreach efforts, such as citizen’s academies, family and youth events, and nationally ranked National Night Out. He has strong beliefs in government efficiencies and transparency, and makes available to the public department information derived from the Sheriff’s Strategic Plans. Kenny believes his office requires open access to the public. He keeps an open door practice and is frequently seen throughout the community at events and activities. He is continually in touch with government, and public and private organizations to insure his department remains in touch with community needs and that public safety priorities are consistent with changes. Public awareness, participation, and engagement are key characteristics of the Sheriff’s Administration. As a result of Sheriff Furlong’s administrative directions, Carson City has seen effective diminishing crime trends throughout his tenure.

What is the role of Sheriff’s Office in tackling mental health issues in Carson City?

Sheriff Kenny Furlong believes that law enforcement stands in an utmost critical position in tackling mental health issues in the community, especially since the police are most often the first summoned to respond to persons in critical crisis. Sheriff Furlong has long held the belief that jails and hospital emergency rooms do not always provide the best resolution response to mental health challenges in our society, and the reprogramming of police tactics is essential. For over ten years, he has embarked on initiatives such as “crisis intervention training” for all officers to better recognize and manage threats in the community that have mental health issues at the core of the incident, especially those that involve the probability of extreme violence. And, the Sheriff has taken the “crisis intervention” enhancements on this subject beyond the walls of the Sheriff’s Office by offering the training to others, both internal and external to Carson City. Mr. Furlong has collaborated across the community, the region, and with State Health authorities to provide for mental health Mobile Outreach, staffed by qualified Social Workers riding with officers. He has also provided mental health supportive services at the jail, in collaboration with community partners, to enhance diversionary opportunities for mental health issues when appropriate. Sheriff Furlong has been recognized for his efforts twice in 2018 by the National Alliance for Mental Illness for his “Leadership Role” and the Northern Nevada Behavioral Health Policy Board for his “Innovative” responses to challenges faced in the community that are behavioral health centered. The Sheriff also sits on the Carson City Behavioral Health committee, as well as the Northern Nevada Behavioral Health Policy Board, appointed by Nevada Senate recommendation. The Sheriff also holds seats on the Carson City Board of Health, Tirpartite Advisory Board, and other non-profit organizations that focus on improving the quality of life of those in need. And, his administration has secured funding this calendar year to begin employing a Behavioral Health/Mobile Outreach Officer (Deputy Sheriff) in Carson City, in an effort to compliment diversionary programs and opportunities he has put in place.

Sheriff Kenny Furlong believes strongly that the role of the Sheriff in tackling mental health issues in Carson City is that of leadership in the identification of community needs and participation in seeking effective resources to meet current priorities. The Sheriff promotes his role through active acknowledged leadership engagement at all community levels and has devoted himself toward improving upon the quality of life that every citizen is entitled to pursue. The cornerstone of his efforts is achieved through collaboration with community, region and statewide service providers and supportive policies driven to enhance their efforts.

Lorne R Houle

Occupation: CDL Truck operator for Central Transport of Sparks

Age: 33


Record of Service: Veteran of the United States Marine Corps 2003-2007

Former applicant for the Orange County Sheriff’s Academy.

Concerned citizen and father of four children who wants his children to grow up in a town free of crime and drugs.

Education: A.A. in Construction Trades and Business Management from Great Basin College of Elko, NV.

Military Police Instruction Company-Fort Leonard Wood, MO.

Corporals Course-MCB Camp Pendleton, CA.

A brief statement about your platform: My platform consists of getting to the root of crime and drug use in Carson City, treating the underlying problem of why people commit these acts, and how to stop repeat offenders from engaging in criminal behavior in the future. Closing the revolving door to our jails and courts is the ultimate example of community policing and should be the top priority of any law enforcement office. The sheriff’s department can serve a more efficient role to domestic violence victims by follow up visits to those that need our help the most. Budgetary issues within the department fail to allow the administration to implement such programs. Additional platforms involve emerging the sheriff’s department out of the stone age. The dispatch system is outdated and ineffective. Hire more line officers. Reduce the amount of admin personnel. Reduce carbon emissions by updating vehicles. Initiate a release-to-work program for detainees and alt sentencing subjects. Ensure my deputies are interacting with society in the most effective manner, by leading by example and core values placement. No longer is it in the department’s mantra to be rude to others unless absolutely necessary with show of just cause for such negative behaviors.

What is the role of Sheriff’s Office in tackling mental health issues in Carson City?

The sheriff’s department has the most important role in tackling mental health issues. Often times deputies are the first on scene for mental health related calls. Recognizing the symptoms and dealing with certain conditions of individuals is critical to not elevating and escalating an already volatile situation. Most of these individuals are not criminals and should be separated from criminals at all costs until they receive the treatment they need to assimilate back into society. The last thing we need is an unstable person receiving “advice” from the criminal population while incarcerated. There are many avenues the department could use to seek help on behalf of individuals suffering from mental health. Since my last campaign for sheriff in 2014, the Mallory Behavioral Health Crisis Center has been one avenue and an enormous supporter of first responders and law enforcement. Finally(!), a place where responders could turn to for getting those in the community, who seek services, the safe and easy help that wasn’t always available to them in the past. Additionally, training for deputies to spot issues like these needs to be frequent and readily accessible, as the world of mental health treatment is always changing and evolving.


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