Absorbing the Heritage of America is a bucket list trip

Those who live in the northeast are exposed to Americana history every day. For them, walking the Freedom Trail in Boston is a path to work. The Capitol Building in Washington D.C. or the various presidential monuments are just buildings that are no longer noticed. Philadelphia’s Independence Hall is a lovely old building where tourist congregate and is no longer a site to behold and ponder for residents who have become oblivious. Residents just go about their daily lives accepting all the history around them.

But for us, a trip to see a bit of Americana is exciting and new. Sure, we are surrounded by history here, but it’s not the kind of history found in the northeast where the history of the United States was made.

April 2019 will find a group from here flying to New York City to begin their tour of Americana narrated by a knowledgeable guide. They’ll be guided every step of the way absorbing scenery without having to fight traffic and just sit back and listen to tales of our historic forefathers.

The fabled crack in the Liberty Bell will become real. Independence Hall will awe you as you contemplate those who came before us to sign this revered document and walk among them in the museum. In Gettysburg, the famous battle will once again come alive and you’ll see where Abraham Lincoln gave his most famous address, still one of the most famous speeches today. There’s a tour of the home of Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence before stopping at Colonial Williamsburg to experience life as it was in the 1700’s. The Civil War will be the focus of most of the stops since it was a defining moment in American history.

The tour ends in Washington D.C. where there will be a visit to Arlington Cemetery and a visit to the famed Smithsonian and the White House Visitor Center along with a tour of the various veteran’s memorials honoring those who insured our freedom.

That’s but a very sketchy highlight but know spring is a beautiful time of year to be in this region and our history will be so much more meaningful as we step back once again through the pages of our sixth grade history books.

I know I just did a feature on South Dakota but want to remind all that this region will bring out the proud American soul in you and make you ever so proud of your beautiful country. Seeing Mt. Rushmore at night should be on everyone’s list of top places to see. You’ll come away from this area appreciating our National Park System. That tour departs May 17, 2019. Both Americana tours are operated by Collette Vacations.

These and so many other tours and river cruises are available through the Chamber Travel Club. Travel with like minded individuals and just relax and let the tour operator take care of the details. The hardest thing you will have to do is pack your bags and get to the Chamber office to be transferred to the Reno airport.

The next Chamber Travel Club meeting is scheduled for 3 p.m. November 13 featuring Mayflower Cruises and Tours and will feature the 2019 river cruise line up. You must RSVP to 882-1565. The meeting room has limited space. Check out the Travel Club page at www.carsoncitychamber.com to peruse the 2019 travel calendar.


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