NHP to focus on occupant restraints

The Nevada Highway Patrol will be conducting a special focus event on Wednesday in the Fallon area.

The event is focused on occupant restraints and people using them properly. The NHP said anyone not properly restrained will receive a citation including passengers, and the driver will be cited for any children that are not properly restrained.

The NHP said state law requires all persons who drive or ride in a vehicle manufactured after Jan. 1, 1970, to wear a safety belt lap and shoulder harness (front) and at minimum a lap harness (rear). State law also provides that any children under the age of 6 years and who weighs less than 60 pounds must be restrained in a proper child safety seat.

The NHP said it has observed too many injuries to the motoring public because of occupants of vehicles not using their restraints or using them improperly.

“We would like to correct this issue of not using restraints properly,” the NHP said. “We know they save lives and we would like to reduce the amount of injuries and deaths that have affected our community.”


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