The Popcorn Stand: Where’s the guitar man when you need him?

The old fuddy duddy, in his latest installment of “these kids today whaddaya gonna do” while trying to stay ahead of the latest trends curve, has been reading about a music trend that disturbs me.

I haven’t actually read anywhere where this has been officially declared as a trend, but I’ve been reading about it. Not listening to it, since I don’t really care for rap music.

Off the top of my head I do like Eminem’s “One Shot,” the clean version, or whatever it’s called. It’s actually cool when teams enter an arena with that song blaring in the background.

This old fuddy duddy-Generation Xer may be overreacting, though, but it seems rap is replacing the good old-fashioned guitar solo in popular songs.

Instead of a guitar solo being featured in the middle of a song, pop artists now apparently are just using other rap artists to fill in that portion of the song.

I don’t know. Maybe somebody will remake “More Than A Feeling” with rap solos instead of the splendid guitar solos featured in that song and I’ll like it. Probably not.

Again I haven’t actually heard any of these songs with their rap solos, I’ve just read that’s what’s being done.

So as a judgmental Generation Xer, I was reminded of a movie the other night I was watching in which the characters were lamenting about the lack of respect the younger generation was showing.

Oh yeah, wait a minute. That movie was “12 Angry Men” and it was made in 1957.

Still, as a judgmental Generation Xer I can say what’s the matter with these lazy Millennials? They can’t even put a decent guitar solo in their songs, they’ve got to use rap? These kids today, whaddaya gonna do?

Where’s Bread and The Guitar Man when we need them?

— Charles Whisnand


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