Nevada Assembly OKs sex assault bill ending statute of limitations

The state Assembly on Friday passed a bill that would eliminate the 20-year statute of limitation in sex assault cases if DNA evidence identifies a suspect.

Nevada lawmakers roundly approved the measure in a vote Friday. Eighteen legislators from the state Senate and Assembly have signed on in support of the bill.

The legislation would remove time limitations on prosecuting sexual assaults cases when an accused offender is identified through a “genetic marker analysis of a biological specimen” and a DNA profile is found.

The measure must pass the Senate before going to the governor for approval.

Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford and attorney Gloria Allred spoke in support of the legislation at a hearing earlier this legislative session.

The bill is one of many addressing issues of sexual assault and harassment this legislative session.

The Assembly on Friday also passed a bill that would provide victims of sexual assault with a document that outlines resources, including information on emergency contraception and a list of clinics that specialize in serving victims of sexual assault.


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