Past Pages for August 3 to 6, 2019


150 Years Ago

Advertisement: “Alexander Leport has removed his family grocery store to the Brick Building owned by G. A. Sears, and lately occupied by Louis Mandlebaum, on King Street, Carson City, where he is prepared to furnish families, hotels and restaurants with the finest brand of French and California Wines, brandies and whiskies, flour, ham, bacon, eggs, lard…

140 Years Ago

Double headed woman: Charley H. Welch has a show of his own, the chief attraction is a double head woman, who speaks two languages at once and sings two separate songs at one time. His wonders will be here in the early part of the month.

130 Years

Our flag at Tahoe: At Yank’s there were a number of camping parties and one Honorable Yard Buller and his wife from England that put on so much “dog” that everything was noticed—one that was noticed was that an English flag was flying at the top of their tent were the stars and stripes were conspicuous by their absence. With Justice Kehee of Virginia City a group informed him that the American flag must fly above the English emblem or he must suffer the consequences. A crowd gathered from all the resorts and neighboring camps to await the issue. Then at 5 minutes to six the Honorable Yard Buller appeared and put up the American flag. Again and again the starry banner was cheered and patriotic songs sung—the emblem which we all love and reverence was freed from insult. (Truckee Republican)

110 Years Ago

Leisure Hour Club: Don’t forget the moonlight carnival on the lawn of the Rickey residence. The artist M. Morceau will be present to take photographs. The wonder-compelling and marvelous Slick telescope has been secured and will be upon the grounds to view the planet of Mars. Martians, canals and signals will be clearly revealed to all beholders.

50 Years Ago

Moon dust contamination: Two men were exposed to moon dust when a glove extending into a vacuum chamber at America’s lunar quarantine station leaked. The pair Ronald Buffum and George Williams were forced to strip, shower and place themselves in quarantine with the three Apollo II astronauts.

20 Years Ago

The Odeon Hall in Dayton is the subject of a small-town battle—the battle being the painting of Dayton’s Odeon Hall and painting over a sign saying “Odeon Hall & Saloon.” It was built by the Odd Fellows in 1863 and was rebuilt after the 1866 and 1870 fire. It is now owned by Max and Mia Kquerzi and is home to Mia’s Swiss Restaurant.


150 years ago

James W. Nye, United States Senator from the State of Nevada, arrived in Carson yesterday morning. He looks hearty and genial as during his gubernatorial term. The Imperial surgeons of Paris, though they literally cut his throat, do not seem to have done him any harm.

130 years ago

It is reported that Buffalo Bill has had proposals of marriage from twenty-seven Parisienne’s.

100 years ago

More Trucks Arrive. Six more motor trucks awarded to the state by the government and to be used in road construction have arrived in this city from the Presidio, San Francisco. One came last night and the other five this morning. Mounted on each truck was a Ford, also donated by the Government.

70 years ago

A huge branch from a fallen cottonwood tree almost prevented the Virginia and Truckee Railway from chugging into Carson City on time this morning. Winds last night snapped the big limb three quarters of a mile west of town last night.

50 years ago

City Health Officer Dr. Richard Grundy has asked the board of supervisors to require the vaccination of all dogs in the Ormsby District (county area) against rabies.

30 years ago

After 11 months of searching, the owner of an heirloom quilt that had been missing since it was used to cover an accident victim last September, was reunited with her prized possession Wednesday. Edna Araugo said she has been searching since the accident September 22, 1988.


150 years ago

Attempt at Highway Robbery. About ten o’clock yesterday forenoon, as Mr. Spooner was coming to town in a buggy, accompanied by his brother’s wife and a sick child on their way to consult a physician, a man came down the side of the mountain into the road, presented a pistol and ordered Mr. Spooner to halt, and get out of the buggy. The command was obeyed. The horses took fright, ran away capsizing the buggy. The highwayman snapped his pistol at Mrs. Spooner. The highwayman, finding no coin on Mr. Spooner, left him and ran into the hills. The man is being pursued by Sheriff Butler and Policeman Lewis.

130 years ago

Lost — On the Clear Creek Road this side of Saints’ Rest, one pair of deer antlers in the felt. The finder will be suitably rewarded upon leaving the same in this office.

100 years ago

Governor Boyle was in receipt of a protest this morning from John Weber, chairman of the board of commissioners of White Pine county, to the presence of state police in Ely, the impression being that the police have been sent there to quell any possible labor disturbances while the strike is on at the mine and smelter.

70 years ago

Only 25 range or forest fires have occurred in Nevada this year, according to a report issued today from the office of Wayne McLeod, state forester and fire warden.

50 years ago

A search was started Sunday for a prisoner who walked away from a work party at the Eagle Valley Children’s Home northeast of Carson City, Nevada State prison Officials said.

30 years ago

It took Carson City’s Board of Supervisors only four hours to spend nearly $1.3 million Thursday night. The windfall, provided primarily by the 1989 Legislature, put the city in the unique position to fund positions and equipment it has done without for as long as 10 years.

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006. Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan.


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