Carson City seeks grant for conservation easement

Carson City is applying for a grant to purchase a conservation easement for 130 acres off Highway 50 west.

The easement has been in the works for years. The Board of Supervisors approved the grant application in 2016 and Parks, Recreation and Open Space has been working with Old Woods Ranch LLC, the property owner.

The purpose is not only to protect the land but to provide some public access.

“I hope we can come to an agreement on a trail to make the great connection I’d like to see,” said Donna Inversin, a member of the Open Space Advisory Committee, which met Monday to consider a draft of the easement.

“Our ultimate goal is to connect the Ash to Kings Trail and Kings Canyon Road on the north to the Clear Creek Trail on the south,” said Ann Bollinger, Open Space administrator, after the meeting. “The desired route for this connector trail would travel along the boundaries of this private parcel, travel through the Highway 50 underpass to Golf Club Drive, and to a new trailhead located on the property currently owned by the state of Nevada. The Open Space division is also looking at acquiring the this property owned by the state of Nevada and an appraisal is underway.”

The state property is the former Clear Creek Youth Camp.

Several members of the Schulz family who own the property attended the meeting and Helen Gifford, a family spokesperson, said the owners were open to further discussions about allowing public access.

The amount to purchase the easement has not been determined, but a similar, 10-year old easement cost roughly $815,000 and required a $204,000 match from the city’s Quality of Life fund.

The grant the city is applying for is from the Forest Legacy Program. The city will know next summer whether it was awarded, and then will have two years to complete the transaction.

The committee also voted to commit $20,000 from the Open Space budget to Muscle Powered as part of a match for a Recreational Trails Program grant for construction of the Lincoln Bypass Trail and Capital to Tahoe Trail, as well as recommended the Board of Supervisors approve a grant application to the same program for construction and repairs to Kings Canyon Road.

The meeting began with two presentations on Eagle Scout projects on Carson City trails.

Kyle Navarro, with Troop 341, is working to rebuild Kings Canyon Waterfall Trail. The troop will also adopt the trail and maintain it going forward.

Ari Erickson, with Troop 44, will be installing seven direction finding signs and one interpretive sign on the Prison Hill Loop trail.


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