The 1-minute impression workshop

Do you ever wish you said something you could take back? Have you had an opportunity to impress someone with your breadth of knowledge only to fall short? Do you have an upcoming meeting upon which your future depends?

We have all been in one or all of these predicaments, especially as teenagers.

As we move through school, the closer we get to graduating the greater the challenge to leave a lasting impression, especially on our parents, teachers, peers, prospective employers and college counselors.

The One Minute Impression is a free 2-hour workshop sponsored by Oasis Toastmasters and Stars on Maine designed to introduce to students ages 13 to 17 how to say what you need to in one minute. A lasting impression can be positive, negative, or neutral. Learn how to leave a positive impression in one minute with the following topics:

Positive Mental Attitude: Uplift your personal attitude and the attitude of your audience

Educational Minute: Dazzle your audience with how informed you are on subjects of interest

Humor: Lighten the mood of the room with a joke or two

Impromptu Speaking: Impress your audience with your ability to speak clearly and intelligently

This event will be held at Stars on Maine, 71 S. Maine St. (above the Fallon Theatre). The workshop is capped at 15 students. To register, click The registration deadline is Wednesday, Dec. 4.

For information, contact Suzann Gilliland Peterson at FallonOasisToastmasters@gmail.comor at 775-217-7223.


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