Why is my computer overheating?

An overheating computer is a serious issue and, in some cases, can cause irreparable damage to internal components, including your hard drive, and complete data loss. If you are able to recognize the signs of an overheating system, you could prevent the total loss of your computer.

Causes of overheating:

Fans are or are running louder than usual.

Programs are running slower than usual or freezing.

Your computer suddenly shuts down.

You experience a blue screen crash.

Your computer can become overheated by: Poor ventilation can cause overheating by blocking the computer’s vents that allow heat to escape, having your computer near a heat source, or an accumulation of dust inside the device that also inhibits the escape of heat.

Internal hardware can also cause overheating if they are not able to keep up with the demands of your tasks or are not working correctly.

If your fans are not operating at full capacity or are broken, your computer is not able to draw in cooler air inside and expel the warm air outside.

What can you do if your computer is overheating?

When you suspect your computer is overheating, check to be sure it is properly ventilated. If you have a desktop, do not push the case against a wall or leave near a heating source like a vent or a radiator. For a laptop, do not use on soft or plush surfaces and be careful using it on your lap.

Try limiting the number of programs you have open at one time and monitor which situations lead you to believe your computer is overheating.

When should you bring your computer in?

If your computer is properly ventilated and still overheating, you should bring it into your trusted technician, who can professionally take your computer apart to diagnose the issue, clean the casing, and replace components such as fans or other failing components.

Using an overheating computer can be a frustrating task for any user. Sudden shutdowns, program or system freezes and blue screen crashes that interrupt your use are not problems you can or should ignore as they may lead to an irreparable device and possible data loss. Get your computer in for repair immediately if these problems occur.

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