Letters to the Editor for December 28, 2019

Rules for jurors

For my conservative friends and foes, I offer this tip the next time you have jury duty.

Make sure you make the court aware that, not only do you know the defendant, but that you plan on staying in direct communication with him during the entire trial.

Tell them that you are going to vote for acquittal, no matter what the evidence says.

Remind them that you are working hand-in-hand with the defendant’s legal team.

Mention that the accused has offered you money for your vote ... and that you’re going to take it.

Inform the judge that the oath you took, as a juror, is meaningless ... you’ve already made up your mind.

Rick Van Alfen

Carson City

The point of all of this

Those who claim the Democrats “lost” because Trump is unlikely to be removed from office are missing the point. The Dems knew he probably wouldn’t be removed from office but impeached anyway and are now on the record as officially saying that his behavior is not acceptable in a president of the United States.

The president has been behaving badly since before he was elected but at some point the grownups in the room have to stand up and say enough, whether they can remove him from office or not.

Congressional Republicans have been exposed as hypocrites, repeating debunked conspiracy theories to try to obscure the fact that their president acted unethically, and have demonstrated to the world that they place their party and power above the values of our country and their oath of office.

And let’s not talk about the 63 million voters who elected him unless you’re willing to give equal consideration to the 65 million who voted against him.

Kudos to the Christianity Today magazine for finally pointing out the emperor has no clothes. It’s been long overdue from the Christian community and I was beginning to think maybe he really could shoot someone in the middle of 5th Avenue and get away with it.

Looking forward to the eventual testimony of Mulvaney, Pompeo, Bolton and Guiliani.

Vicki Bates


History keeps validating biblical warnings

It’s that time again. Pretenders to the throne for predicting the future will appear from under every rock. So let’s dust off our Ouija boards, polish our crystal balls, buy a deck of tarot cards, check our horoscopes or just flip a coin to get it right more often than they do.

The one reliable source for info about the future is the Holy Bible. Every biblical event that’s been investigated by credible scientists and historians were validated as having occurred as they were written. And other events that were predicted are lining up to occur. One such event is about a very scary man. Among his attributes and titles are “the Lawlessness One, the Liar,” and “the antiChrist.”

It’s recorded that he will do whatever he pleases and he will display powers that serve his lies and deceptions. Remarkably, he will come into power with the help of some who say they believe in God. Worse is that billions will die because of him. The Bible and history record that others had his type of spirit, but because some were mistaken as being him, all of the lawless and liars are now being ignored. Some are so obvious that they’re known worldwide. My question is, “How many others must God send before we recognize and reject them as our leaders?”

Kenneth Ready

Carson City


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