Perazzos celebrate World Milk Day

The Perazzo Family Dairy opened its doors and a behind-the-scenes look at its operation on World Milk Day earlier this month.

World Milk Day established by the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations recognizes the importance of milk as food used worldwide. This international day began in 2001.

Hundreds of people toured the Perazzo’s operation east of Fallon on Stillwater Road. Michael Perazzo, one of the guides, said the dairy has about 1,100 milking cows. Before the completion of the Dairy Farmers of America milk processing plant, he said their operation had between 400 to 500 cows, but afterward, the need for milk enabled the Perazzo Brothers to expand. The DFA plant processes powdered milk for export.

During the first part of the tour, Perazzo, a fourth-generation dairyman, showed a state-of-the art facility which replaced a double-10 parlor built 45 years ago. The current double-30 parlor was part of the Perazzo’s recent expansion and includes a small museum overlooking the milking.

Perazzo said the operation’s milking schedule is three times each day. The expansion will allow upward to 2,100 cows, but currently, he said the goal is to have between 1,700 to 1,800 cows. He said four tankers haul milk to Model Dairy each day a while delivering milk to the DFA.


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