Western Nevada College celebrates accomplishments of students

Photo by Candice Vivien/Nevada Momentum

Photo by Candice Vivien/Nevada Momentum

It was a celebration unlike any other for family and friends of Western Nevada College’s Adult Literacy and Language program honorees on Thursday night at the Carson Nugget Hall on the Carson City campus.

The AL&L program honored a group of high school equivalency recipients, National Adult Education Honor Society inductees and College and Career Transition students to salute the transformation in their lives through a return and embracing of education.

The 2019 High School Equivalency Celebration & National Adult Education Honor Society Induction Ceremony recognized 79 students, including 59 HSE recipients.

“We are so proud of these graduates and their perseverance in reaching their individual goals, whether it be increasing fluency in English, obtaining their HSE or transitioning into college and the workforce,” said Angela Holt, program coordinator for Adult Literacy & Language at WNC and HSE chief examiner. “We appreciate family and friends for supporting our graduates in this important step toward their future goals. Each of these HSE recipients is better prepared to pursue higher education or to move into the local workforce with the skills needed be successful and with greater earning power than those without a high school diploma.”

HSE recipients were Donna Armstrong, Michael James Bartelt, Michael Beckert, Rory Bloom, Erick Bobo, Lena Borden, Damien Borges, Kaylie Brugger, Cameron Carreau, Brady Chambers, Bradley Chenoweth, Heather Cordell, Noel Correa, Nicholas Czmola, Brandon Dacayanan, Justin Dame, Victoria De la Cruz, Erica Doll, Rachael Earles, Hector Escobar, Tyler Ferris, Argenis Flores, Jade Fulmer, Dorian Gaona, Stephen Glass, Angela Gray, Brittney Griggs, Keirra Hammond, Jedidiah Haveman, Diego Hernandez, Hannah Hickox, Ariana Hilton, Isaiah Johnson-Sivertsen, Ratree Kurasuk Hamilton, Christian Mariani, Denise Mariani, Jonathan Martin, Lorenzo Mori, Leeann Parker, Timothy Payne, Maria Clara Rodriguez, Lyssa Philippi, Henry Porter, Mickey Price, Kira Rendleman, Cameron Riege, Evangelina Romero, James Ross, Blake Sanchez, Setiva Sapien, Giovanni Sciarrotta, Marisol Sherlock, Christopher Sturgis, Joleen Talbott, Kailyn Ann Trask, Joshua Velasquez, Dayana Vigil Alvarez, Jane Eliza Wadsworth and Estella Yescas.

Cordell also was honored into the National Adult Education Honor Society. She was joined by Andrea Ditchey, Klelix Flores, Domitila Funes, Edith Gomez, Wei Hsiu Lee, Alba Madera, Cristobal (Danny) Omelas, Adrian Rodriguez-Ruiz and Luis Santiago.

The celebration also included recognition for College and Career Transition students. Recognition went to Mohammad Esmaeilisarbaghi, Applied Industrial Technology; Mary Jo Fischer, Megan Pruitt, Julie Marie Pfrenzinger and Rowena Boone, Certified Nursing Assistant; Juan Brena, Martin Garcia, Roberto Garza, Manuel Guerrero, Jorge Mendez-Silis and Victor Robertson, Construction; Lyssa Philippi, Welding; and Hector Escobar and Blake Sanchez, Associate degrees.

Adults can qualify for the program through a grant arranged by the Nevada Department of Education and receive literacy instruction, English language learning, Citizenship classes, College Prep and HSE preparation. WNC provides services year-round and the AL&L program includes classes, online instruction, tutoring, transition courses, skills for the workplace instruction and a computer-based instruction lab.

WNC President Vincent Solis delivered the keynote address, HSE alum Henry Porter spoke to the students and Shelter Insurance Agent Enrique Hagerbaumer-Tadeo was the master of ceremonies. Holt provided closing comments.

“These individuals are at the starting point of a wonderful journey,” Holt said. “Being adequately prepared to meet the expectations of potential employers and employment opportunities is a huge payoff for the students and our community.”

AL&L offers HSE recipients the opportunity to transition into college at no charge to begin their postsecondary education.

For information about what AL&L offers, phone 775-445-4451 or email angela.holt@wnc.edu.


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